Thursday, 31 August 2017

REVIEW: NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation in Nude

Two days ago I've just shared you some products of NYX and today I'm gonna give a quick review of NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Foundation. Sorry if the pictures are the same like the previous post. I will update it as soon as I take other photos. Let's just jump to the product.

This product comes with tube in 1.18 fl. oz or 35 ml. It's quite a lot compares to my other foundation (Revlon Colorstay Foundation, 30 ml). At first, I thought this foundation is small and I didn't thought it has a little more ml in it. But it is, the tube is quite small. I have mine in shade nude.

As I told in previous post, I have a light skin with neutral undertone. This foundation is for light skin and warm/golden undertone. So, it's a little too yellow on me. It doesn't matter since my other foundation has a pink undertone. I can mix both foundation to get a neutral undertone.

The consistency of this foundation is liquid, as you can tell. The thing I don't like about it is the product gets easy to leak. If you don't store it well or probably you unintendedly shake the product, when you open it, you will found out the product is leaked. Better to store it upside down, I would say.

This foundation is for oily/oily-combination skin. My skin condition right now is normal. So, this product is a little bit dry on my skin. It looks a little cakey if I look closer to the mirror even after I apply moisturizer. I guess, this foundation is best mixed with my steam cream. You know that Korean tips to make a glowy look by mixing foundation with a steam cream or oil. Since it makes me look a little cakey on my normal (with a little oil), if you have an oily skin it will help you.

Once you squeeze the product on hand, you need to apply it immediately to your face. This foundation gets easily dry, really. I hate it. You don't need much time, then! However, this foundation is light. Even after you apply 2 or 3 layers, it doesn't feel heavy at all. That's a good thing :)

Here is my overall review:
+ Good for oily skin
+ Light
+ Match your skin (if your undertone is warm)
- Easy to get leak
- Easy to get dry


This foundation is for light skin with golden/warm undertone

I don't know, probably my skin gets better right now so this foundation doesn't suit me. I used to have an oily skin and now my skin is normal. I rarely get oily. That's why I give the score only 2.5. However, this foundation is actually great.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

NYX Professional MakeUp (Primer, Foundation, Concealer) - SEPHORA INDONESIA

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You must be familiar with Sephora, a cosmetic store from French which also opens its store, online and offline in Indonesia. This time, Sephora has just launched new products from NYX Professional MakeUp. I got a chance to try some of them. You probably know already that I wanted to do my own makeup on graduation, and these products are gonna be completing the products I need for graduation makeup. I have three products NYX Professional MakeUp; NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer Anti-Redness (Green), NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation in Nude; NYX Concealer Wand in Fair. I’ve just got the products, so I might only give a slight review of them.

The first product is NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer. There are some choices of primer which suits your skin condition; Lavender for dull skin, Clear for covering wrinkles and pores, and Green for anti-redness. Mine is the green shade since I have some redness on my face (which is so annoying when I’m wearing makeup because I have to cover it, meaning I need more time). With this primer, I guess I can use a little less time since my redness is already covered by this primer.

The first time I saw this product, I thought it will be thick and creamy. But once I applied the product, it’s light. The texture is silicon-y. I like this kind of texture when it comes to the primer. I believe that a silicon-y primer can hold my makeup longer and makes my face oil-free.
Price: IDR 250.000

Then, I also tried the liquid foundation, Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation. I choose the shade in nude. Unfortunately, it’s a little too yellow for me. My skin is light with a neutral undertone but, this shade is for light skin with golden/warm undertone. However, I think, it’s fine; I still can wear the shade. The shade on the Sephora website is limited only in three shades; ivory, nude, and natural. I guess it’s the shade of most Indonesian’s skin. This foundation is good for day to night.

It says that this foundation is water-base. It’s not too liquid and easy to apply. NYX stay matte but not flat foundation is perfect for oily/oily-combination skin. The coverage is medium. After I apply this foundation, I still notice some acne scars on my face. This foundation is buildable. When you need to cover more, you can wear more than one layer, and it doesn’t feel like too heavy on your skin. This foundation is just like the skin. Once you apply it until high coverage, your face won’t be looking like a ghost (a.k.a flat).
Price: IDR 155.000

The last product is NYX Professional MakeUp Concealer Wand. I guess, in a full makeup like graduation, concealer is a must because you wanna look like your skin is flawless and your eyes are perfectly wide awake with no eye bag. I always wanted to have a liquid concealer, and finally now I have one! This is a good liquid concealer, I must say. However, it’s a bit creasing when you don’t put moisturizer before starting makeup.

I have the shade in fair. Actually, it’s too light for me but, I guess it’s better to put a lighter tone of concealer so that our dark eyes will be covered well.
Price: IDR 110.000

We all know about NYX Professional MakeUp and its good quality. After the super hype of the lip cream, I guess people started to love other NYX products. NYX Professional MakeUp is easier to find in this country. Now you can also purchase NYX Professional MakeUp on Sephora Indonesia! You can visit this link to shop NYX Professional MakeUp directly. Psst, you will find those three products I got from Sephora as well! (BTW, detail review are coming soon)

Sunday, 6 August 2017

REVIEW: Biore Aqua Rich Watery Jelly Water Base Whitening SPF 30 PA++

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If you're not into makeup or feel that skin care is quite hard to understand (LOL), and probably you want to start having skincare but don't know what to start. Just go with the sunscreen first! I'll recommend you the lightweight sunscreen in this post. You can also check my review about another sunscreen that I like here (for normal to oily skin).
Let's get into the product...
Actually, there are some products of Biore sunscreen, but I didn't know why I choose this. Perhaps, because it has a whitening in it since my face is very dull. However, I've just realized that I downgrade my sunscreen product. I used to use a sunscreen who has SPF 50+ PA+++ but now I'm using only SPF 30 PA++. Just barely realized. LOL. As you can tell, I live in Indonesia which has an all-year-of sun that appears so bright. I think, we, Indonesian, need to put a sunscreen with more than SPF 30. Ok.
Although I seem to downgrade my sunscreen, this product has successfully won my heart. I've been using this product since several months ago (not sure when). My face gets easily dull especially for sticky and thick consistency of the products. That's why I always choose a lightweight skin care, like this one. This is so lightweight, as you might notice in its name. A watery jelly water base. That's the key to choose a lightweight skin care as well.
You might already know, the sunscreen product of Biore is quite good and light. And is everybody's favorite. In my opinion, this sunscreen is just working well on my skin. There's no breakout but the thing is, unfortunately, it takes time to absorb. Moreover, you need to apply quite an amount of the sunscreen. However, I don't mind waiting :)

Perhaps, in the picture, it looks like that this product is thick and creamy. Actually, not at all. The texture is like a water but thicker, but still, it's not sticky at all. For the whitening agent, I think, it quite works but not that much. By wearing sunscreen, we can also prevent our face from getting darker and as a good anti-aging. It's enough for me to choose the sunscreen.

I always use this ↑ much whenever I go outside. And when I stay in my room I use a half of it. I don't know much about how much we have to apply sunscreen, I heard it has to be quite much, so I do that much. I apply it all over my face and neck. Although I'm wearing hijab I have to apply it on the neck since my hijab isn't thick enough to block the sun.

After I've been using it for several months, I can say that Biore Aqua Rich Watery Jelly Water Base Whitening SPF 30 PA++:
+ Light
+ Perfect for tropical country
+ It's still light even if we take quite amount of it
+ Doesn't let breakout
+ For all skin type
- (relatively) low SPF
- Takes time to absorb
- A little pricey

Around IDR 150,000/USD 11


Overall, this sunscreen is actually pretty good, but I need a higher SPF. Actually, there are some variants of Biore sunscreen and I already found that suits me. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++ will be the next to purchase! I found one on nihonmart. Unfortunately, it's out of stock right now, I wish it will be back in stock once my current sunscreen is empty.
Psst, I recommend this product!