My blog is pronounced like Vier (fiːɐ) in German.

I am Eria Eka Wulandari, the author of this blog. I am a Javanese from Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia. I am a 23 years old and I am a 5'2" (wishing to be taller, tho). Not many people know that I am a bachelor or Political Science, major in International Relations. Besides being a blogger, I also become a content writer (freelance) in one of a lifestyle website.

I started this blog in 2010 when I was High School but, it was only for fun. I mean, I did not post things that people will read. I post unnecessary things. It's because I didn't have proper photos and article to post. This blog used to be really a kind of a mess (you probably can stalk my early-time blog posts only if I haven't deleted those yet) Until in college I decided to post things that are more 'acceptable' for people to read. Or we can say, I grew up and realize that I need to have a good writing in order to attract people to visit my blog. I then explored my mind which article should I post on this blog.

The actual reason I made a blog is that I wanted to be like Diana Rikasari, a well-known Indonesian fashion blogger with her quirky fashion taste. Her blog has successfully made her loved by many people throughout the world (not only Indonesia). I'm a forever fan of her. Dedicated as her fan, I started to follow her movement: to blog about fashion/outfit post. However I realized, I like many things, not only fashion. So, sometimes I post about travel. I also like DIY-crafts and I like to share the tutorial of those DIYs. Currently, I'm in love with beauty. I have many products I've tried and do the review of those products on the blog that brings me to some partnership and new blogger friends.

Perhaps, I could say that I am a lifestyle blogger.

The name of the blog is the abbreviation of Vintage Lover after I changed the blog's name for several times, then this blog ends up have that name. I think, I'm not gonna change it again, supported by my "grow up". Psst, I also edit this blog myself. So, I know best which style that suits me and my blog.

I really love vintage, as you can tell. My style is also inspired by some vintage darling, such as Claradevi, a vintage blogger. However, since vintage somehow looks too old, I combine my style with the current trend. So, I name my style as a modern casual vintage.

That's all pretty much about me!

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