The Author
I'm Eria Eka Wulandari, an undergraduate student from Indonesia majoring in International Relations. Besides being an International Relations student, I also enjoy become an amateur lifestyle blogger. This blog mainly contain beauty and fashion, two things that I love the most (others I have travel, fashion, and DIY articles). Right now I become a part of IHB (Indonesian Hijab Blogger) and Sociolla Blogger in which it helps me to know more about blogging and having new friends as well. I started to blog when I was High School, but at the time I didn't manage my posts well. Began in the early of my campus life, I could post more neatly until I've been asked to have partnership with some e-commerce. Blogging is my life and my friends say it's my middle name :)

I also have my own brand, called Confidential. and I sell vintage accessories, as I like everything vintage. I plan soon Confidential will grow and sell clothes (and has its own website) as my childhood dream that I wanted to have my own clothing line. I'm taking it serious, because I also prepare myself to take a sewing course. I also love to make a DIY of everything since I really like arts & crafts. You can also see some of my creations on my blog. So, that's me, basically, I like being a creative person. If you are creative, or interested to have a project with me, just send me email: eriaeka@yahoo.com :)

First Build
I started making a blog in 2009, when I was Junior High School. At first, I didn't intend to be a blogger, but after knowing Diana Rikasari's blog, I was interested to make my blog as a blog of fashion. So, in 2010, I officially claimed myself as a fashion blogger, though at that time I rarely posted an outfit photos, and I didn't do and take the #ootd properly. It seems an amateur fashion blogger who never intend to grow her blog beautifully.

Later after I graduate from High School, I decided to seriously building my blog. I carefully manage my blog post, from the materials until the photos. Until one day I decided to make my blog as a lifestyle as the articles are related to it.

Blog Self-edited
I like learning new things, I'm also a bit nerd because I like playing along with my laptop all day. I'm not an expert in HTML or Web Designing but since I like learn new things alot, I keep trying until I know the basics of making the layout of blog. This is one of the things I love, and I will do it sincerely if you want me to design your blog :)

Meaning of VIER
VIER means Vintage Lover, its meaning is simply because I like vintage. As this blog's name has changed for several time, finally I found this as the most suitable name for my blog. The design is also kinda classy-vintage that makes it looks matched.