Tuesday, 18 July 2017

REVIEW: Mizzu Eye Base Essential

In need of an eye shadow base, since I'm planning to do my own make up on my graduation, which is this October. I've been collection some essentials for graduation make up and it's about to complete! It's been a while since I need eye shadow base to make my eye make up pop out. As I am a beginner in the world of make up, I had no idea that eye shadow base become that important. Then, when I was surfing on Youtube, I found a good product that I need. More about it, it's a local brand.

Yes, I'm gonna review a local brand again. Recently, there are many new Indonesian brands that launched their brand in good quality and good packaging. #proudindonesian. Finally, I can have many local brands. Mizzu is one of them, can you tell the how cute the box is? I can't get enough. Even they designed it super cute in the inside, as you see in the picture below. What more I like about local products are usually not that pricey, and this Mizzu eye shadow base only costs IDR 67.000 or around 5 US$.

It's not just the packaging that looks versatile, but the product has a good quality as well. Before I bought this product, I've searched for the review of it and most of them concluded that this is a good eye shadow base. I agreed, that's why I made this review.

So, this is the eye shadow base. The  container is like a typical liquid lipstick, as well as the applicator, that makes us easier to apply.

As you can see above, that looks like a concealer but it is not. The texture is also different. This is more liquid than concealer. It also has no color after we apply to the skin. So no need to worry, this product suits every skin tone.

And when it's applied before eye shadow, it turned out that my eye shadow is way more pigmented. Seriously. The shimmery eye shadow looks more shimmer, the matte one looks more vibrant. Now I know how much important the eye shadow base is to make our eye shadow looks pop out. Below is the comparison on with/without using the product. Btw, I'm using L.A Girl Nude Palette.

Overall, this product is worth to buy. As this is my first eye shadow base, I still can't compare to the other. But it's good enough to try. After I purchased this product, I think it's a must to have an eye shadow base. Especially, for the one who likes to play with eye shadow. Plus, it makes the eye make up (not only eye shadow, but eyeliner as well) stays longer on your eyelid.

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