Sunday, May 7, 2017

REVIEW: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (Get The Special Promo from Sociolla!)

I was always wondering how the micellar water from Bioderma works, especially the sensibio, until finally I got a freebies of Bioderma Sensibio from Sociolla! I was so excited to try this and it turned out to give me a satisfaction. I was amazed by this product (seriously).

I've found many good review about this products (and I believe you do), no wonder cause the first word of "micellar" you heard was from Bioderma, am I right? After its fame, other brands began to produce the similar cleanser. But still, people say, Bioderma is still the best. That's why I excited to review this product. Though it's too late, but that's okay. So, this is my version of Bioderma review..

As you know that I've tried some micellar water before, you can check this post to see the review and a little comparison. The first micellar water I tried was from a local product, Mineral Botanica. Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with the product, it's too sticky so that I have to rinse my face after that. I also tried Garnier micellar water. It was pretty good, and I repurchased it several times. Some said Garnier is pretty much similar with Bioderma.

And it does! Those people are right, it's just similar with Garnier,'s much better. Without any doubt, Bioderma Sensibio H2O can remove my make up easily, even a high coverage foundation and waterproof products. The first time I applied to my face, I felt that it's no different from Garnier. After I use it regularly recent days, I can sum up that it's better, cause it can help deflating my acne (surprisingly). Probably, it's because it cleanses well, so the bacteria will disappear and cause the acne deflated. It cleanse better than Garnier micellar water. It's even smoother, when I use it, I feel like it's just similar like water. Compared to Garnier, Bioderma is not sticky at all; while, Garnier is still sticky sometimes. Unfortunately, Bioderma is much expensive. But it has the reasonable price, tho.

+ Light formula
+ Not sticky
+ Cleanse well
+ Gentle
+ No need harsh rubbing
+ No fragrance
+ Cleanse waterproof make up well
+ Deflate the acne
+ No need to rinse
+ Paraben free
+ Doesn't cause break out
+ Hypoallergenic

- Pricey (cost around IDR 231.000 in 250ml)

Bioderma is paraben free, as we know paraben can turn into toxic if it's exposed to the ultraviolet and could raise cancer if it's absorbing to your skin too much. Also, it is hypoallergenic, so you don't need to worry about getting allergy with this product. It's safe. This product also can be used for all skin types.

Overall, the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water is worth to try and worth every penny.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Emina Around The World: Tokyo; Blogger Gathering Yogyakarta

It's about last month, on March 19th, I was invited to join Emina Blogger Gathering in Yogyakarta. This was my first blogger gathering to be honest and I met a lot of cool bloggers who stay or live in Yogyakarta, it was such a pleasure to meet them! The venue was a Japanese restaurant, Ai Royal Unagi, to match the theme of the Emina itself; Emina Around The World in Tokyo edition. We also were re to dress up like Tokyo people in their street style.

We got special package of Emina, consists of compact powder, eyeliner, and the face wash. Inside the package we'll find a code that we can insert on the emina around the world website to get a chance to win a trip to Tokyo with Emina! You can also purchase this Tokyo make up kit at the Emina counter everywhere (Unfortunately, it's available until April 2017).

On the gathering, we also got a chance to make sushi our own! Learn to make sushi was so fun. The fact that we know is that sushi is hard to make. Don't care about how hard rolling the sushi, the taste is still awesome, cause, fortunately, we didn't make the whole recipe, just rolling it :p

And here's my sushi...

Quite messy? Oh, yup.

Emina also showed how to make a Japanese gradation lips using Emina product that is so easy to follow. So, we don't have to use Japanese brand to have a gradation lip. Just a little trick with local product could also make a cute gradation lip a la Japan.

This gathering was fun. I met fellow bloggers, got Emina package, try to roll sushi, and more. Wish me win the trip to Tokyo, peeps!