Thursday, December 29, 2016

REVIEW: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Pure Active (Blue)

I was on hiatus for more than a month, and I can't just catch up to blog. This semester is almost killing me. Now I know, how hard our struggle is until we survived. LOL. Seems so desperate, but that's what you feel when you become a senior in a University, cause seems there are lot things to do. Of course, we have to finish the thesis, as the requirement for the graduation, we can say (if you found it's too hard).

So, during my limited free time, I tried to write a blog again. It's been so happening right now, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, finally, oh finally this product is available in Indonesia. Finally, this product can be found almost everywhere. And I know, here and there, the beauty bloggers are reviewing this already on their blog. It's not that I want to follow the trend, just what works on people are definitely different.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Pure Active is a makeup remover that is formulated for an acne prone skin. My skin condition recently is acne prone that also a little oily on T-zone area. Garnier has two kinds of micellar cleansing water, this blue, and the other one is red for the sensitive skin.

We know that micellar cleanser is so hype right now. Many brands finally launch the Micellar Cleansing Water, let's call it Nivea and a local product, Mineral Botanica. I think, the virus is coming from Bioderma (the popular one) that's not only popular but really does a good thing. Also, those products come at quite an affordable price, you can choose which one suits your skin.

What is Micellar (and how it works)?
If you haven't know what micellar is, I'm gonna explain it based on Garnier US website, here we go..
So, micellar cleansing water is using a micelle molecule that able to pull the dirt away from the face.

The left picture is the traditional cleanser, and the right is how micellar cleanser works. Micellar cleanser able to collect the dirt easily without rubbing harshly, not like the other formula which can't really lift all the dirt. Micellar formula is so gentle, makes the skin smoother. Easily cleans dirt, oil, even makeup in only a few drops.

When to use?
I basically use it twice or three times a day, based on needs. First, after I woke up in the morning, I will cleanse my face with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, cause I have an oily skin, and when I woke up the oil seems like produce more. It's probably because of the night skincare that I use. Second, at noon when I come home after I went out and I don't feel like go out again, or if I feel tired and need to take shower before go out again. I use it as a makeup remover. My makeup routine is just a DD Cream, mascara, blush on, lipstick, and sometimes eyebrow, and with just a single cotton pad, all the makeup is cleansed. The last, before I go to bed, I also have to clean my skin to get my skin ready for the night skincare routine.

Compare to other micellar cleansing water (with Mineral Botanica)?
Compare to other micellar cleansers, this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is quite good, it does a pretty good job on my skin. It doesn't feel sticky, so it's comfortable enough to not rinse your face after it. The formula is also light, while Mineral Botanica is too sticky that I have to rinse my skin after that. (More of Mineral Botanica Cleansing Water come soon in the next review).

How it works on foundation or BB/DD/CC cream?
It does a pretty good job to remove makeup, even waterproof. If we talk about how it works on BB/DD/CC Cream, what I personally do is just put 4 drops of the product and a cotton pad (both sides use) and no make up that left anymore. For foundation, since its formulation is heavier, I need like two times (two cotton pads) of 4 or 5 drops to make sure the foundation is erased perfectly on my face. Plus, the eyeshadows, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil are erased by only 2 cotton pads.

What's the different between blue/red Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water?
I've tried both of them, actually. The first Garnier I've tried is this blue, that's actually perfect for acne prone skin. I concerned to my acnes that sometimes come once or twice in one or two weeks. It did a little help for my acne, it prevents the acne come, but just the intensity of it. My acne sometimes still come :((
Right now I'm using the red one, which is for sensitive skin, cause I feel like little by little, my acne has disappeared. After I tried both, basically the formula is the same, you can choose just base on what you need (your skin condition).

How it works on me?
Overall, Garnier micellar cleansing water is good, it cleans my skin without having to rub it harshly. So, my skin can still be soft and smooth. It doesn't need may times and just put 3 or four drops once you cleanse your face. It's enough for me, or is it because I have a small face? LOL :P For me, it doesn't make any breakout, even my skin is cleaner.
+ Light formula
+ Doesn't make a breakout
+ No need to rinse
+ Only need few drops to clean the whole face
+ Works on waterproof makeup
+ Lift the dirt easily
+ No harsh rubbing
+ Easy to find
+ Cheap (around IDR 27K)

Basically, that's all my review of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, wait for my next review! I hope I can catch up the blog sooner :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Best Facial Foam I've Ever Had (Neutrogena Deep Clean Acne Foam Cleanser)

Feels like I have to blog everyday, cause many products I haven't been posted. And if I postpone and postpone again, the product also will be sooner running out. And since I like to try new products, or I'm not sure to repurchase a product again because it's not that good, I have only a chance. Except, those products is really working on my skin and make me in love. And now, I'm gonna be reviewing the product that I don't use again, cause it's hard to find it here :(

This is the first time ever I use this brand. Neutrogena is a skincare brand from Los Angeles. I found most of the beauty people think that Neutrogena is a good brand that answers your skin problem with a reasonable price. Unfortunately, there's no drugstore or its own store in Indonesia. It's not officially sold in Indonesia, but you may find it on Lazada. I think they do have it. However, the price will be a little higher.

So, moving on to the review, as the title that I put, this is the best facial foam I've ever had, no doubt. You'll find it out why I claimed so. Remember that I have an oily combination skin, which is so annoying. And recently I also am facing acne problems, in which I never had it before. Then, I found this product at Watson when I was in Taiwan, I didn't think too much instead of saying that "this. is. what. I've. been. looking. for". This product really does answer my question! Plus, it's affordable (around 125NT = around IDR 50.000).

Picture via: Pupe So Sweet
Neutrogena Deep Clean Acne Foam Cleanser is the cleanser for the ones who have an oil and want it to be reduced. It's written that it can remove acne that's caused by dirt and oil for the clearer skin. I still remember the first time I use this facial foam, it immediately removed the oil right after I cleanse. I feel like there's no oil anymore on my skin. It makes my skin dries a little if my skin were normal at that time. The thing is, this is not suggested for a normal-dry skin since it will make your skin dries more.

Longer after a regular use, it doesn't feel like it dries my skin again, but the product still does the good thing. My skin becomes less oily and more supple. The acne never comes back again, and my skin becomes brighter. What I like is this product really did a good job. It really cleanses as clean as I've ever felt. I really like how it turns out to be a rich foam when I use it with a bubble maker (cause using a bubble maker is a must -for a clearer cleanse).

  • Removes oil
  • Cleanses as clean as I've ever felt
  • Make skin clearer
  • Help removes ance
  • Make skin brighter
  • Rich foam


Absolutely yes!

So, I wish that Neutrogena could officially be launched in Indonesia, and I can repurchase it again. And again, it's recommended for you who are looking for an affordable face wash that will make your skin less oil, brighter, and less acne.

I hope this post will help you, see you in the next post. Tomorrow, perhaps?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Avene Au Thermal Spring Water Spray Review (for Make Up Use)

Need something to freshen up your life? I got a solution. All you need is just to spray Avene Au Thermal Spring Water, and you're ready to go again. Like everybody said, this is a magic water where you can heal all the redness and even the irritations. But I'm not gonna review about that, cause honestly, I never try it when I had redness or irritations. I use it for more like when I use make up, and I just love how it works.

I use make up everyday when I go out, but it's simply just a BB Cream/Cushion, mascara, eyebrow, lipstick, and a blush on if I want to use it. And Avene helps to make my make up stays in place, longer, and no cakey. Just spray right on to my face after I use BB Cream, and the make up is just set. It stays from morning till afternoon. The tiny water that's produced from the spray can also mix with my BB Cream, so that my make up doesn't look cakey.

I also love the way it can freshen up my face during the hot and humid day. If you wearing make up, spray it out and wait until it dries. Then you can touch your make up up again. So, it's very easy. For me, it's my go to when I travel or go outdoor.

The price is also reasonable, you can get a 150ml in IDR 188.000 in Indonesia.

  • Fresh, just like water
  • Help make up stays longer
  • Help to reduce the cakeyness
  • Freshen up your face

I never tried any other facial spray before, but I believe that I wouldn't change it to other products. So, my score for this product is 4,5/5.

So that's my quick review (again..) about Avene Au Thermal Spring Water as a make up setting spray. It's worth enough to try besides its benefit to reduce the redness (etc). Can you now compare with other make up setting spray?

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sociolla October Haul

I love to buy at Sociolla! Cz girls always love discount :p This time's haul is supported by #sociollabloggerliptint. So what is #sociollabloggerliptint? Perhaps, some of you might already know that I'm one of the Sociolla bloggers. So, the #sociollabloggetliptint is the category that I've got from that partnership. From this partnership, I can get the benefit, 15% discount for purchasing at Sociolla. And what I've bought is listed in this post...

Bio Oil
I want this product since forever, and finally I decided to purchase it. This basically a multi-functions oil, that can help reduce the stretch marks, the scars, dry skin, even the uneven skin tone. And it can be applied to all over your body, every parts (that's possible to apply). It's so much useful. I wanted to purchase this because I had a scar on my face caused by my careless when I was a little kiddo (around 1-2 years old) and the stitched is still remaining until now. So, I think (and I wish) Bio Oil can help solve my problem.

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel
This was my second haul, after the one that I bought at Taiwan (click here). But, this one isn't mine, it's my friend's. I suggested her to purchase this since this is one of my favorite products that make my face become cleaner. Unfortunately, mine also has just run out but I still have another moisturizer I have and to try. So I postpone my purchase. And I really recommend you to buy this, because it's worth to buy. Especially for the ones who have oil problem like me, since it's a water base and a gel moisturizer, so it will be so comfortable to use it. The point is, it will moisturize your face without making your face more oily :)

Sembem Comedo Stick
It's been also a long long time I wanted this product, and I couldn't find anywhere that's good, but Sociolla! I really love Sociolla cause it can always answer my questions! LOL. I mean, the product I wanted always be there. It's so much complete. And this comedo stick is really helping people who have black heads (or white heads) cause you can easily pinch it out with a limited time!

So, that's the quick post of my Sociolla Haul. If you're not a part of Sociolla Blogger (yet), you can also get a benefit! By inserting SBNLA0N to the checkout box, you can get an IDR 50.000 discount after purchasing IDR 250.000

Click the picture below to redirect:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Triple Cleansing

I used to have a troubled skin. Perhaps, it's not as terrible as others do, but for me it's quite bad. Before I thought it was because I went to a place with a different weather and conditions, it makes my sensitive skin got troubled enough. I rarely got acnes, but when I went to another (new) place for quite a long time, I got a lot. I got my face more oily, and that makes my skin dull. I feel like all my skincares also were not absorbed well. It's so much inconvenient.
Aku pernah memiliki kulit yang bermasalah. Mungkin, permasalahan kulitku tidak separah beberapa orang, tapi saat itu memang aku mengalami kondisi terburuk kulitku. Sebelumnya, aku mengira kalau berada di tempat yang berbeda dalam waktu yang cukup lama dengan cuaca yang berbeda, membuat kulit sensitifku jadi lumayan bermasalah. Aku jarang sekali jerawatan, tapi kalau sudah pergi ke suatu tempat yang cuacanya berbeda (apalagi), beberapa jerawat bisa bermunculan. Wajahku juga bisa jadi lebih berminyak yang membuat mukaku juga jadi lebih kusam (yang awalnya memang sudah kusam). Aku merasa kalau skincare yang aku pakai juga tidak menyerap dengan baik disaat kondisi wajahku seperti itu. Pokoknya nggak nyaman banget.

I thought, there was something wrong with my skincare routine. So, I bought some to heal my acnes. Until I realized, it's not the different weather that makes my skin had so much trouble. Once I came back home, my skin wasn't back to normal. I still got some acnes and the oil in my skin doesn't be reduced. Then, I got enlightenment that to make our skin away from trouble is started by how we cleanse our face.
Aku berpikir, sepertinya ada yang salah dengan skin care routine-ku. Lalu, aku membeli beberapa produk untuk meredakan jerawatku sampai aku akhirnya sadar, kalau yang membuat wajahku bermasalah bukanlah karena cuaca yang berbeda. Ketika aku kembali ke rumah, kondisi mukaku tidak kembali normal. Jerawat dan minyak masih stay di mukaku. Kemudian, aku dapat pencerahan, agar wajah kita jauh dari masalah kita harus mengawalinya dengan bagaimana kita membersihkan wajah kita.

Before I realized that thing, I always double cleanse my face; use a makeup remover and face wash. I thought that it's enough, cause I always cleanse my face regularly right after I come back home, with or without makeup, I always double cleanse my face. I think, I clean enough since I have a bit of OCD. I also had quite enough skincare that based on my face's need. So, what was wrong then?
Sebelum aku menyadari hal tersebut, aku selalu melakukan double cleansing; aku selalu memakai makeup remover dan face wash. Aku pikir itu cukup, soalnya aku selalu membersihkan mukaku setelah aku pulang ke rumah, dengan atau tanpa maku up, aku selalu melakukan double cleansing. Aku pikir aku orangnya cukup bersihan, karena aku sedikit OCD. Hehe. Aku juga punya cukup skin care yang sesuai dengan apa yang kulitku butuhkan. Terus, apa yang salah ya?

Previously, I use Sariayu all in one cleanser (a liquid cleanser, only wipe it with cotton pad), and Hada Labo as my face wash (only make it foamy with hands). Both products has suited my face's need; for oily and dull skin. But I though, I have to change my cleansing habit cause my skin didn't get any improvements. Luckily, I got a cleansing milk from Cetaphil, then an idea just slightly came to my mind. Why don't we just use all them together?
Sebelumnya, aku selalu menggunakan cleanser Sariayu (yang selalu aku gunakan menggunakan kapas dan tanpa di bilas), dan Hada Labo sebagai face washnya (membuat busanya berbuih menggunakan tangan). Kedua produk tersebut sebenarnya sudah sesuai dengan kondisi mukaku; untuk kulit berminyak dan kusam. Tapi mungkin, aku harus mengganti caraku mencuci muka karena mukaku nggak ada peningkatan. Beruntungnya, aku mendapatkan cleansing milk dari Cetaphil, lalu muncul saja gitu ide tiba-tiba di otak. Kenapa nggak aku memakainya secara bersamaan?

Now, I always triple cleanse my face. and that REALLY WORKS! The oil and acne has reduced, and my skincare products also can be absorbed perfectly. Doesn't matter how thick and sticky the skincare is, I feel like it's just absorbed well so, it doesn't feel sticky once it's applied on my skin.
Sekarang, aku selalu melakukan triple cleansing pada wajahku, dan ternyata memang benar-benar BEKERJA DENGAN BAIK! Minyak dan jerawat akhirnya berkurang, skin care-skin care ku juga lebih bisa menyerap dengan sempurna. Nggak peduli seberapa sticky dan tebalnya skin care-ku, rasanya tetap aja meresap dengan baik dan tidak terasa sticky atau tebal di mukaku.

I use three cleansers cause I think it's just better than my typical double cleansing habit. If you have the same problem like me, here I can suggest you. You can use your own cleansers (your typical double cleansing products), but make sure it's suited your skin. The next thing you need to do is adding the other cleansers. The basic thing is:
Aku selalu melakukan triple cleansing karena rasanya memang lebih baik daripada double cleansing yang biasa aku lakukan. Kalau kalian mempunyai masalah yang sama denganku, aku bisa menyarankanmu untuk menggunakan metode yang sama. Kamu bisa menggunakan makeup remover/liquid cleanser yang tanpa dibilas dan face wash yang biasa kamu pakai, dan pastikan kalau itu sesuai dengan kondisi kulitmu dan cocok juga di kulitmu. Lalu, kamu bisa menambahkan cleanser ketiga. Jadi, prinsipnya adalah:
  • Makeup remover/liquid cleanser with no rinse/micellar water - first cleanser
  • Cleansing lotion/cleansing milk/cleansing balm/cleansing oil - second cleanser
  • Facial foam - third cleanser

The products that I'm currently using is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (read the review here) as my first cleanser, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (review soon) as a cleansing lotion, and Acnes Creamy Wash as the regular face wash (review also soon). I can change those products whenever my skin condition changes. Again, I mention that my skin type is oily-combination. Since my skin currently having acne, I use the products that is formulated for acne care.
Produk yang sedang aku pakai adalah Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (review Garnier baca di sini) sebagai first cleanser, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser sebagai second cleanser, dan Acnes Creamy Face Wash sebagai third cleanser atau pembersih muka yang ketiga. Sekali lagi, aku memiliki kondisi kulit yang normal-berminyak. Dan sejak concernku adalah acne, aku menggunakan produk-produk yang diformulasikan untuk wajah berjerawat.

Here's the step by step:

1. Makeup remover/micellar water. I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water "Pure Active" that is suitable for oily and acne skin. I put the right amount of it to the cotton and rub gently. It's perfect for me cause it's light and doesn't feel sticky. Plus, it cleanses really well. It's important for the next step.
Aku menggunakan Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water "Pure Active" yang cocok untuk kulitku yang berjerawat. Aku tuangkan beberapa tetes di kapas dan menyapukannya ke wajah dengan halus. Aku suka produk ini karena nggak sticky. Plus, micellar water ini benar-benar membersihkan dengan bersih. Sangat penting untuk step selanjutnya.

2. Cleansing Lotion. I like Cetaphil really much once I discovered it and never gonna leave it, cause my skin become smoother, cleaner. If the micellar water doesn't do the perfect job, Cetaphil can help remove the excess dirt. I put around 1 cm diameter/a pump of Cetaphil on my hand, then apply to my skin. After that, I rinse with water.
Aku benar-benar cinta banget sama produk ini setelah aku menemukannya, soalnya kulitku jadi lebih halus, dan lebih bersih. Kalau masih ada sisa-sisa kotoran yang tidak bisa dibersihkan oleh micellar water , Cetaphil bisa membantu mengangkat sisa-sisa kotorannya.

3. Facial Foam. We have to make sure that our skin is cleansed well. So, the last thing we need to do is to use the face wash to total remove the dirts. It is perfect to use a bubble maker, since it's the foam which will lift the dirt from the face.
Kita harus memastikan kalau wajah kita sudah benar-benar bersih. Jadi, step terakhir yang kita lakukan adalah menggunakan face wash untuk menghilangkan semua kotoran yang ada di wajah. Lebih baik kalau kita pakai bubble maker, karena justru foam dari face wash lah yang dapat mengangkat kotoran-kotoran tersebut.

I also have a little tip of choosing the right cleansing products for your face:
Aku juga punya sedikit tips bagaimana cara memilih cleanser sesuai dengan keadaan kulitmu:

Make sure the oily skin avoid whatever the oil-based products, cause if you use it, it's the same like you're adding the oil to your skin. Better to use a water base products or which is formulated for oily skin. Cleansing foam is still good, but remember always based on your skin's need.
Pastikan untuk tidak menggunakan oil-based produk, soalnya kalau kalian memakai oil-based di wajah yang sudah oily, yang ada malah menambah minyak kan? Jadi, itu sama sekali tidak mengatasi, justru menambah buruk. Lebih baik menggunakan produk yang water-base dan yang diformulasikan untuk kulit berminyak. Kalian masih bisa memakai cleansing foam/face wash, yang penting tetap harus cari produk khusus untuk wajah berminyak.

The opposite of oily skin, your skin even needs a little bit more oil to make it not too dry anymore. So, the oil-based cleanser might be perfect for your skin and won't make your face feel sticky when using it and even your skin will be added a little moisture by.
Berbeda dengan kulit berminyak, kulit kering justru butuh minyak agar tidak begitu kering. Jadi, oil-based pasti akan sangat cocok dan tidak terasa berat di kulit kalian dan bahkan akan menambah kelembaban.

Another tip:
- Make sure your hands are clean before you cleanse your face. It's really important, cause (ya know), our hands got so much bacteria if we don't rinse it.
- Use a bubble maker for your cleansing foam. It will cleanse your skin well.
- Choose the right cleanser and skin care for your skin! Cause the right product will help you get a better skin.
- Pastikan tangan sudah bersih sebelum membersihkan wajah. Ini benar-benar sangat penting, soalnya tangan kita juga tempatnya bakteri tanpa kita sadari.
- Gunakan bubble maker untuk cleansing foam karena akan jauh lebih membersihkan.
- Pilih produk cleanser dan skin careyang benar-benar sesuai dengan kulit! Karena produk yang tepat akan membantu membuat kulitmu jadi lebih baik, kan?

The key of a flawless skin is the cleanser. If your face isn't cleansed well, no matter how good or expensive skincare you have, it won't work on your skin. Instead, it will work perfectly if you cleanse your skin well. And always remember to have the product that suits your skin, that's comfortable, and good. If your skin is cleansed perfectly, the skincares will work well since there is no dirt that bothers your skin. The result is, you'll get your flawless skin!
Kunci dari kulit mulus adalah pembersihnya. Jika kulitmu tidak dibersihkan dengan baik, nggak peduli mau semahal apa skin care yang kamu pakai, tetap deh nggak akan bekerja di kulitmu. Kebalikannya, kalau kamu membersihkan kulitmu dengan baik, justru skin care yang sederhana pun akan ampuh membantu mengatasi permasalahan kulitmu. Selalu ingat, kita harus tetap memakai produk yang cocok dengan kulit kita, yang nyaman. Intinya, kalau kulit kita sudah dibersihkan dengan baik, skin care akan juga menyerap dengan baik karena tidak ada kotoran yang mengganggu. Hasilnya, kulitmu akan jadi flawless!

Anyway, this is my version of cleansing. I don't make any new theory, I just share what works on me and I hope it helps you :)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

While I'm Away

It's been busy during my senior year, catch up all the materials I haven't take, remedies, community services, until thesis. I have to prepare all that in this semester. The consequences, I can't keep updating the blog every time. While there are so many things that I think I have to post it here. But, I still want to update slightly about what I've been up to in recent times, then I decided to make a new Instagram account for my blog.
At the beginning, it wasn't a blog related account that posts things that relate to my blog themes. Just an account that follows many shops online that is usually posting spams and ruin my timeline. The reason I made this account was to separate those things so that it won't come up to my timeline. But since I re-decorate my room, I think it's good to turn the account that's showing off my favorite things without being annoying until people think I just want to show off all my belongings, cause, you know..
In this account, I post anything that inspires me in anything, just like  the house, cause everybody has their own dream house, right?
Sooner, I also post things I posted (not-yet-posted) on the blog so that it can be called as a blog related account. And here's the sneak peek of my second account that you can follow and stalk while I'm away on the blog.

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on
A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

So, above are some of my feed on my second Instagram. Since I'm gonna be doing a community service program from the campus, I'm gonna be posting more on the Instagram rather to this blog, not just the things that relate to my blog theme, but sometimes also things that I like. I'm expecting to have more time and able to post on the blog. So, if you find it's interesting, you may follow.

Pssst..while I'm away, you may shop at Sociolla, and I'm giving a discount special for you! Here's the code, click the picture below afterward.

REVIEW: Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion

Hi! I'm coming back again with another review. Now, I'm gonna be reviewing current toner that I'm using. I'm super excited! I really love this Hada Labo toner.

Hada Labo is my favorite product of toner and when I found this Kiwamizu lotion, I was like I gotta try it (FYI, lotion is the same as toner. But in Japan, they usually call it lotion rather than toner).

Hada Labo Kiwamizu lotion is quite new, but correct me if I'm wrong and it's not available yet in Indonesia. It has also a hello kitty edition, unfortunately I can't get that one because it ran out so fast.

I love this product more than my previous Hada Labo toner, Shirojyun (it was posted on my blog, check here if you haven't). I can say I'm satisfied enough with this product, though I didn't know the formulation, at first. I just search for the info right at the drugstores (cause I just can't read anything but alphabet).

The price is quite cheap, contains of 180ml fill and only priced 239 NT dollars or around IDR 96.000. I simply love the container since it's big.

And below is the texture. It's just like water that has perfume. I just like it.

The thing that I really love is Kiwamizu has absorbed to my skin faster. I don't need to wait any longer when I've no much time. The texture is also lighter as well as water. It's so similar like water. I feel like just putting magic water into my skin.

Here's the slight review:
+ Absorbs quickly
+ Light formulation
+ Smells good
-  Runs out so fast

I plan to review my recent skincare routine. So, stay tune on my blog! But before that, here's the sneak peek :p

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Make Your Own Phone Case

It's been too long to post no DIY on my blog, it was on last January when I re-created my old binder to be a lot more vintage just like what I wanted. And I'm just too much focusing on skincares and makeups recently as I have my first-ever partnership that I'm still doing until now.

So, this post, finally., finally, I made this post. LOL. I was just too busy at campus during this (actually) holiday, to catch up the materials I haven't take before to not making any longer time to graduate. While actually the photos on this post have been taken since a month. It's a blogger life, always have a (little bit more) time difference after we take photos then post.

This time's DIY is quite easy to follow for you who are just bored seeing your typical case every day, or you just too tired browsing a case (or more) you wanted to buy, then decide to not purchase any of them. Or, perhaps, you want to save money to buy other things like skincares, or you daily need? This could be perfect, a budget DIY Case for you!

All you need to do at first is just to prepare your:
Old plain case
Small craft-embellishment
Crafting glue
Glitter (optional)

This was my second time to customise my case, so it looks not really good anymore. But that's how DIY works, to cover up that not-good-things.

  • First, you need to choose which shapes you want to choose on your case.

  • Secondly, before you glue it up, you need to arrange things based on what you desire.

  • Then, glue it carefully with the crafting glue. Make sure the excessed glue is also be cleaned.

  • The next step is optional. I add glitter on the edge of the case to cover up the imperfections.

Finally, your new old case has done! Lemme compare the before and after..

You can change it whenever you are bored with your case. Simply by cleaning it up using your nail remover, and your case is ready to be re-decorated. You can also re-decorate it with your favorite nails, make a pattern as you want on your case, and add some stickers. That's what I've done previously.

The other choice is you can put a washi tape to cover all over the sides of your case. It's super easy and cheap. All that we want.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

My First Macara (Maybelline Lash Sensational Volum' Express)

I was not a makeup junkie until I realized that I have to start learning it since I'm turning into 20++. Then, when I was in Taiwan last time, I was like buying as many every-makeup-things as I want. Especially, something that's not available in Indonesia, or unless I will regret buying that after.

I browsed a lot that time until I found a product on an Indonesian Instagram-online-shop which is not available in this country. When I was there, I found a new hobby, which is hanging around Cosmed to find something (skincare, makeup, etc) and one day I entered that shop, I found something that's similar as I've seen on that Instagram. I immediately took that product and finally the product makes this posting happens! Haha.

Yay I got my first mascara! Maybelline Lash Sensational Volum' Express that I have is the Asian version, I guess, but I'm not sure. I searched for it in some Maybelline websites such as its global website, Taiwanese Maybelline website,  until I found this product on the Japanese Maybelline website and yes it is cuz the packaging itself also is written in Japanese.

However, it is made in China. As I know, the Asian version Maybelline are made in China. Not only the mascara, but the bb cream, lipsticks, and other products. I guess, this mascara is really the Asian version. No worry, it's not the fake products, bcz I bought this in a drugstore.

I bought this product in Taiwan, so the wrapping is written in Chinese.

It's hard for me to find the review of this product, cuz this line has a lot of types. I tried to collect the products from this line So, here are the products of this Lash Sensational line that I know found (via

I was amazed by the first time I tried this product. I have short and thin eyelashes, also a little naturally curled. Once I apply it (only one coat, and apply zig zag), my eyelashes becoming thick and longer.

You can see the difference in the picture above. I only applied one layer and my eyelashes can be longer. Unfortunately, the one that I bought is not waterproof. It provides the waterproof but it just me who didn't see that time. So sad :(

The price is around 380NT in Taiwan or around IDR 155K.

Overall, I just love this mascara despite it is not a waterproof. It doesn't really matter for me, bcz it's my first mascara. For the first mascara that I have, I think it's good enough and I can just give it a score:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sociolla Freebies: Armando Caruso Brush

It's not too late to say Happy Eid Al-Fitr cause it's been 10 days ago. Eid Mubarak everyone! Anyway, I decided to share my April Sociolla Freebies in this post, since it's been too busy for everything until I remember that I haven't done yet posting about this freebies. This April Freebie is my third Freebies I get from Sociolla as I'm now doing a partnership with the website itself. Actually, I already posted my previous Freebies, February, and March, but probably you haven't noticed that it's a Freebies. The first Freebies I got was a voucher worth IDR150.000 with no minimum purchase at Sociolla. The second is Vitacreme B12 Sunscreen and Lightening Cream.

The packaging, this time is not coming in a box. Instead, it's coming in a feminine bag and still in pink color with the words "pretty things inside" which is so Sociolla. Haha. The box version also has the same words.

I've got two brush from Armando Caruso, Blending Brush (19) and Angled Shading Brush (04) . These two brushes are available at Sociolla. Don't worry, I put the direct link already. As usual :p

The price is quite cheap, only IDR 39.500 each.

I like the simple design of the brush, coming in all black (except the hair) that makes it look elegant since commonly I found cheap brush always have a silver ferrule. It has metallic black of the ferrule and doff black of the handle. The size is in standard brush size, quite handy and light.

I also got this small guide book, to make me easier to choose which brush should I buy next.

Overall, this brush is worth to brush. It's cheap and has a good quality, don't make you disappointed. If you decide to buy both brushes, you can get the discount from me at Sociolla, simply just put EKA50 in discount box when you check out. But, you have to purchase at least IDR200.000. Perhaps, add another type of brushes from Armando Caruso?

Friday, July 1, 2016

REVIEW: Shiseido Perfect Watery Oil

I'm back with the review, and this time, I'm gonna be reviewing my current makeup remover that I've bought in Taiwan last time. I think, this product is not available in Indonesia, but do some of beauty bloggers here also review this product. If you aren't familiar yet with this product, better continue reading this post. :p

This is one of Senka products a line brand from Shiseido. You must be knowing Shiseido, a beauty brand from Japan. Every products of Senka is started with "Perfect" and has a blue packaging.

The price is affordable, it's not like the other Shiseido series, which is....expensive. We know, Shiseido is a (we can say) not-affordable-skincare (and of course it has a good quality) brand from Japan, but this Perfect series is cheaper. At first, I didn't think that it's coming from Shiseido. I bought it in Taiwan, but it's imported from Japan, no worry about the quality. It's so much easy to find in Taiwan, we can find it in almost all the drugstores there. Unfortunately, this series is not available in Indonesia.

It's coming in 230ml, with blue packaging. The packaging is simple and designed with a pump, with a small clip to prevent leaking. So it's okay to bring this blue to travel, it's pretty safe because the clip helps to hold the pump being squeezed unintendedly.

The back side of the packaging is all written in Japan, and I can't understand any :( too bad I don't know the ingredients.

The texture is as it says, watery oil. It's just a perfect combination between oil and water. It's an oil, but more liquidy and not like a water.

This Perfect Watery Oil Make Up Remover has been my first oil makeup remover ever. That's why, the first time I was using it, I feel like it's too sticky, just like I made a mistake putting something strange on to my face. LOL. But it's great, it can remove all my makeup gently. FYI, my everyday makeup is only putting bb cream, matte lipstick, and face powder. But I've tried it to remove my waterproof gel liner, my mascara, and eyebrow. It's still working great.

Let's see how it works...

However, I think by using this my skin gets a lot of acnes. I've just barely realized. And I'm now struggling to remove all of it (just kidding, it's not that much. But it's more than I've had before). As I have an oily skin, and I know it's actually wrong to put an oil makeup remover onto my face. My skin becomes more oily, especially when I wake up in the morning. So, after I realized that this product is actually causing more of my skin problems, I take my previous makeup remover straightaway.

Now I can conclude that.....

-Removes makeup gently
-Removes make up even a waterproof
-No need longer time to get the makeup removed
-Only need a small amount for the entire face

-Not suitable for oily skin
-Cause more oily
-Cause break out

3.3 out of 5

This Shiseido Perfect Watery Oil is just not for my skin. It doesn't mean that it also doesn't work on your skin. It still depends on what your skin is. I made this review based on how it works on my skin. So, you can still try this product out!