Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick Review: Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

As I promised in my g+, I will review my current favorite essence, and it's made in Korea, Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence, or just call it simply Secret Key STE. As many people know, it's a dupe of SK II FTE. Secret Key put the same idea as SK II FTE, but the difference is it's a way more more cheaper (of course it is). The other advantage, it's paraben-free and some other materials-free, so it's more safe to use.

It is used in the first before you put other skincare. But me, putting a toner first, hehe. This Secret Key STE is actually used as a toner, I just arrange double toner as my routine and it works better than only putting one toner.

It's my first time to use Korean product, and it was like...yeah good. But I don't think it's really amazing. I thought before that Korean skin care was like a miracle, they can erase all the problems of your skin. But, I think you still have to use it regularly, and always care to your skin's cleanliness.
Not to wait too long, so here it is.....it's my opinion after I'm using this product since last July.


  • It can deflate your acne soon after you compress it
  • It can tighten your pores a bit
  • After use it regularly, the small pimples you've ever experience will never appear again
  • It's not sticky
  • Fast to absorb

  • It can't erase your acne scars
  • Your skin will be dull if you apply it too much droplets
  • It work slower if you apply other skin care before using this product

Overall, this product is good. I often experience small pimples in my face (which is easily disappear, but it remains scars in my face), but after using this product, day and night, that small pimples never come to my face again. One thing that I really like in this product is you can easily get your acnes deflated in only a day. You just need to compress you acne with cotton and add one or two drops of Secret Key STE before you sleep. It's not totally deflated. The next day, you'll see the remaining of the acne, and just compress it again, then done..It will be totally deflated, but the acne scars will remain there. But it's recommended for you who want to have acnes or small pimples problems.

If I could give a score for this product, I will give it:
3 out of 5