Friday, April 18, 2014


Having a free time with our special person is indeed will become a favorite time ever. To make ourselves happy, that's the one of the way. I thought, I was like always feel he's near me until I get my school done, but in fact it is not. There's something that make us separated by distance.
I always need him everyday to just see each other. I'm missing the time when I need him to pick me up or to help me for something and he always sincerely wanted to do. I'm actually not a drama queen might be always full of melancholic stories haha. I'm enjoying my life even if sometimes distance make me feel I miss him. We couldn't away from a thing which couldn't easily change by ourselves. We couldn't deny it, also we don't wanna stop that because we are willing to do that. Sincerely, we're trying to hold it as we can.
However, sometimes we feel like we aren't strong enough to face it. Sometimes we feel bored, tired, or afraid, or just don't wanna struggle for that thing anymore. It's because we're only a human. Means that we can still feel tired, bored. But, that's a normal thing. Doesn't mean that we will give up and easily end that thing. Because there will be no human who always become strong in the beginning until the end. It takes so much risk, though.
I feel that distance will have some thoughts, negative thought for example. We'll suspect something even it doesn't make sense anyway. But it also makes us thinking positively. Sometimes people who have the distances in their relations are giving more their best just like they become more care each other. They are trying to keep the relation goes on since they know that they are loving each other. It sick, though. Cause we only communicate through media and not face to face. Sometimes, I also suspect him. It means that we are worry, but we should have trust. And I trust him. I know his sacrifices well, so much. People where who don't trust a person who is sacrificing everything even his time. Even he's really busy.
If there's a distance doesn't mean that we're never gonna meet one another. Although it only for a day. And we know that it sicks. When we've spent so many months to wait and we've imagine sooo many thingss we're gonna do if we meet, but it disappear when we know that actually we only meet for a day. It also sick after we meet, after we spent the day together then actually now we must face the truth, come back again to the ordinary life without him. It feels like pain. Just like we've just broke. It is also like he has a wings hold my hand tightly then fly me to the sky, but i'm left there and down alone...
It actually doesn't matter for because the 'pain' is only appear a day after the meeting. It is true when we have a distance in relation, we face so many things that might not be wanted by us. But it's all becoming well as long as we can keep and control our emotion to meet each other and to face a kind of broken thing after meet. And also our love must be stronger ;) Actually, every relationship also has a risk, but if there's a trust between that, that's gonna be fine ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vintage Bohemian Skirt

Hei pals! I'm back again and now i'm gonna show you my second design of mine xixixi :p Since i've been really busy in this second semester, I didn't get any inspiration comes to my mind. But tonight, because I don't have any assignment for tomorrow (actually I have a lot of assignment for saturday, so that I take this time to be my lounge time :p), then I try to draw again in my CorelDraw, and here's my second design!!!

This time I created something bohemian yet still vintage, because vintage is really me and make my style officially become authentic. Actually, this second design is still simple (and vintage), with the brownie belt and the vintage lace material in the bottom of the skirt. I combine brown with the blue and this skirt is becoming a bohemian all the way.
Actually, I wasn't really expert in Corel (and you know it already) and I was really amazed with my own drawing of belt and that vintage lace. Hahaha. I've looked for a tutorial of using the CorelDraw for drawing a clothes but I didn't find any tutorial yet. I wish that next time I can draw with some gradation of color so that my drawing can be more perky. And keep you finger typing my blog while i'm looking for a new style again ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Current Wishlist

Since girls are knowing so many stores provide so many cute stuffs, then girls are gonna make a really longg list of their wish. Yes, I am. I'm being addicted by buying in some online stores such as bags, wallets, shoes (of course!!), until some kind of not a fashion thing just like book or many else. Why I prefer to do online shopping rather than walking around the mall to find out something? Well, it's because when we don't do online shopping, we must be wasting our time by looking around and then even wouldn't get anything :p haha. When I do shopping online, I only need an internet connection and then just look for anything provided in the website, choose anything what we want to buy, and just transferring the money to the bank.
It's just a simple. By globalization we have changed our mode. There are so many Indonesian product which is created by a creative young Indonesian. I think, by this way we can increase our consciousness about our-really-own product. There are so many good product of Indonesia which has a better quality than some product out of the country. We can just realize about that. Why don't we use it? It also can develop our country ourselves. So go shop online! And here's my wishlist which the product are all 100% Indonesia ;)

(Coppelia, Manikan, Sitha store, Bonjour, Periplus, Wondershoe)