Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lately I Have Been...

Hello there, it's almost the end of my holiday and not so busy day fully of friends-meeting but it's all meaningful. It is because i've never meet them since i moved to Yogyakarta to study. It's not enough actually for me to get only 3 weeks of holiday, because i need more leisure time in my home without any assignment as i should complete it. However, i realize that those assignments can improve my skill and become a better open-minded colleger. It opens my mind and realize when i turned to become a colleger, i didn't get what i wanna get before in my imagination. I never blogging again, basically it firstly happens because there's no connection there, and poor signal. Then, what i've dreamed is i can easily talk to my friend with English but in fact they were just got better than me. I know, it is because i didn't take so much serious of what i've got. Yeah, actually i'm not so bad as you've imagined. I was having a good friend which could be considered as a support-condition.
So, lately i've been spending times with my high school friends, and my lovely bestfriends. On last 24 January, I went to Serayu Park to having some karaoke, and after that we went to KW to eat because karaoke can make us hungry -_-

And for 31 January, i met my bestfriend again! Finally after really long time, and we've separated by distances because we are studying in different University. Then las 31 January we were meeting up completedly!

Yesterday, i also had an agenda which is represent by Abisatya. Well, Abisatya is the community contains of the alumni of my high school who lives in Jogja as a colleger in many different University. We promoted Abisatya to our younger sisters and brothers in 3rd grade in my High School in order to introduced them what Abisatya is and ask them to join if they live in Jogja too. Because it is the first generation of Abisatya.

 I also told them more about what University is, and gave some tips to choose the major so that they get no one disappointment. Because life is too short to be wasted ;)
Well, this is my holiday review, how about you? ;)