Saturday, December 28, 2013

Perfectly Matched

Black is always matched with anything we wear. Like what i wore yesterday, i choose dark greem to accompany the black. And who knows? If black, dark green, dark blue and brown are matched? It's totally about how confident we wear it. Everything will be good, as long as you are confident. So, let's enhance our confindence!

 This is what I called perfectly matched. What we wear is what's comfort and suits our body.

Yesterday we were hang out again looking for some fresh meal and our destination was pasta! Yayy, love it. And it is for celebrate Nisa' birthday (on 25 December ago) after we threw some eggs and flour, then give her a birthday cake with a Doraemon Cookies on top. Hahaha..

You know? Actually that Doraemon cookies we bought in a different cake shop hahaha but it's cute, isn't?
Looking for pasta was really such a pleasure. Whereas, we ordered some pasta and beverage that suits in our tongue. Emm i post some (many) photos of yesterday. You must be drooling :p
birthday girl

Monday, December 23, 2013


Currently, i have two obsession of different things. And both are tremendously great things. All are my necessity. Hehe. Here:

Because i had been learned it in High School, i choose Germany first rather than French (though i so much loving French). But currently, i like Germany more. Me and my friend are gonna learn this language for a year. And after i it-can-called expert, so i'll move to French. So much planningful? Isn't that? Hehe. Because i realize that i don't have any expertation in any foreign language (except English, which most people can). I've printed the material i have from High School ago.

My High School, was having 3 foreign languages -except English, of course-; Germany, French, and Japanese. And my generation was acquare Germany as our foreign learning, and my juniors were having Japanese. My sister was 2 years younger than me, so she got a French. How i was envy before. Haha. Three years end, and we who learn Germany was getting none, except Ich liebe dich haha. I don't know what caused this failure. The students, the teacher, or both?

2. Samsung Camera NX300!!
Don't be wondering why i am choosing this camera, rather than Nikon, or Canon which is everybody know that those brands are it can called the best brand producing cameras. Buuuuut, you'll never asking again after you see NX300's design:

It is a kind of mirrorless camera which is most people looking for this kind of camera. Mirrorless camera seems like DSLR camera, but it is lighter, thinner, easy to bring -that's what i like-. Everyone said that mirrorless is cheaper, but this NX300 Camera is costly. Priced at IDR 750sK makes me thinking that...ah later i'll buy....

Friday, December 20, 2013

How The Shoes Are Irritating Me

As a girl, shoe is highly needed. Not only become a walk friend, but it's become a part of our style. And recently i was mad of shoes which i found on websites, instagram, in every brands. I would like you to know what kind of shoes that i like. Let me show you my Shoe Wishlist that has been queued:
sources: UP, Wondershoe, Coppelia, HOW Official, Sophie Paris

For sure, i prefer wearing flatshoes instead of Heels or wedges because flatshoes is much better, you know? But it's not recommended when i become a diplomat someday haha (actually i'm not sure if i wanna become diplomat or not). And my kind of shoes is the one which is not sandals also. You can imagine in a situation which suppose you to walk within hours and you are wearing sandals? Oh it is much hurt. So, the most comfortable shoes ever is just a flatshoes. I wish if i can buy all the shoes above (month by month of course :p), i will go for flatshoes first. Actually my current obsession is the boots one. Ankle boots is good to wear to college. Then i also obsessed with Rachel Floral from UP, but i'm not sure, because i have alot of floral blouses, and dresses. That Sophie bow sandal also cute i think, but i don't think if i could wear it at my campus. And yeahh, this is what's inside my wishlist collection of my shoes, so how about you?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Time, Oh No Way

Hhhh, just came back to my boarding room again after had several times to hang out with my boarding friends. Oh so sleepy now, and can't accept the fact that tomorrow at 9 a.m i should ready to the TOEFL test in English Class. A tirefull day :s You know what, at the end of this year, i've been spending so much money to buy this this and that, hahaha geez, how the end year is always tempting :3
I went to Coklat cafeshop at Cik Ditiro Street, Number 19, Yogyakarta, after we failed to watch Soekarno :/ in this caffe there're so many yummy food and beverages that can make you wanna come here again :p

I tend to make a vintage outfit like add some flowers, wear a vintage cardigan and shoes, or always looking for a highwaist-vintage skirt with midi style..