Tuesday, July 3, 2012


How i really love the floral pattern. Floral can impress a vintage way i think, anddd it makes me never bored to collecting many floral stuffs cause i love vintage, i love to be looked vintage. Whatever the colors, the models, surely i love that floral. But i seldom find my lovely color being used in the floral shoes, or another stuffs, it's okay purple, u'll always be my lovely :* Here i will show the collection of UP shoes whichever has at least 5 collections of floral thaaat...you know? No one didn't amazed me aaaaaaakkk!!! awanna get them all!!! but some of them was just sold out huh. Sometimes i hope that i can make shoes by own, so then i'll never just see see and see the shoes(sssssss) i've been seen on website or store u.u

As i was said, no one didn't impressing me to purchase them and wear them at special moment, i was imagine it. Everybody will look at me, especially, the bottom which maybe their eyes can detect the blink on my foot haha LOL. UP was made me really wanna cry cause i couldn't buy it maybe, or i couldn't persuade my dad to bought me at leaast just one of them, oh daddyyyyy please u.u As a great owner; Diana Rikasari, i love her style too (really love obviously!) She's the one that can't replaced with another fashion blogger because of her expertise to mix and match all the things (including the unuseful thing maybe, she can reuse). Okay then the most of the most favorite shoes  above was the last one, bet the item was SOLD OUT! bye

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bon Vacance!

I had a holiday trip to Surabaya, rather than bad, yet fun! Umm how i just explain feel like home. So yes, there in Surabaya is just where my family lives. The first thing in my mind (i thing in everyone's who come where they're not live there) is so HOT. Yes! But the place was very cozy to me, i forgot about the hotness, i just feel comfort wahaaa i hope i can continue to the college there *wishwish amiin u.u So, this post was uncomplete without sharing some photos. I've share this on my instagram, hope u'll like it!