Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Parisian style is an attitude, a state of mind. Between rocker and ho-hum bourgeois..."
- Ines de la Fressange on Parisian Chic.

Which to Wear

Since the last time i was blogging, i'm feeling such a different in my life. But i just can enjoy, who's make me happy? Only me. "You are what makes yourself feeling lonely, so you are what makes your own feeling happy". So then i never feeling lonely because i set my way to happiness. It's kinda strange, or odd. Or maybe it's just my feeling only. I keep through this but not for let go and let it go. I can make it as a learn, as i ever shared before. Everything we get is for learn, whether is good, or bad. For us to be more mature. Itsa kind of life. Life is to learn. Learning from our experiences or anyone's experiences. But it's more worthwhile if the experiences come from your own story. So you can thinking how far we got a failure, we can find what can make us down, or what can make him/her leave us, what can make we get a desperate of life, what can make the story ended sadly, and what can make this trouble comes to our life.
Well, despite it all. A second thing that make me hardly thinking, and looking for some inspiration is the event for next Friday. Friday. You know wa? My school have planned an event to celebrate Isra' Mi'raj. And what can i do for that? What can make me so dizy? Watch out, i can tell distinctly. So serious? Hahaha I did a kidding -_- Okay yes, i really confused what i will wear to the event. The event must do: Wearing batik and skirt. Oh yea and i just don't have batik and skirt which is match to the batik -_- Shit made. Then i opened my cupboard (and my mom's cupboard), yes and i found some batiks, pashminas, and skirts in it. Feeling not confident, because longer, i more fat -____- Okay i try and i captured that outfit.

How bout that? Not bad? Vintage isn't? Yeah!
I match mom's barn red floral batik, too big then i fold the sleeves. The body is too long, i put into the black maxi dress and it can suggested a high waist. Finally i just added a goldenrod pashmine then simple belt. Done.