Friday, April 20, 2012

The Best Syndrom Everr :/

Accidentally was so surprisingly and so shockedly. Everything happens indeed for a reason but every single wrong thing change for what reason?! So damn. They even never thinking before. They just wanna make everyone see them so bright around those girls they got from affair. Afffaaaaiirrrr? Yaaa affair was indeed sooo ordinary for them. Perhaps they even never feeling shy whereas they hurted person who actually staying in their scope. They just dont care. Even the girl they choose (or we can call her as sephia), wasn't better than before. We're not perfect, but we're better. They consisting of the person who have hurted the girls and have been hurted. For the person who ever hurted person, i think they never know how paaiin it was. But for the person who ever feeling the pain it was stupid think they do. They never learned the past. This syndrom was influenced by only one person. Maybe after i brake him, then everything changed, he wilder. The good boy going crazy, wild. Wild in the meaning of not a free sex or etc yaa..but wild in the meaning of they began playboy. I thought they were kind and will responsible but in faaaaaaaccttt..they just same with the boy out of there. PHP (the FAKE HOPE GIVER), and brake their girl, and surely affair. It was the example of this syndrom. This syndrom also make the loyal being crashed. A person i know that he was so loyal actually just could break up. With unhumanity attitude they can ask to break up easily then just remains hurt for the girl. I feel really wanna puking all of my containing foods inside the stomach cause i just sicken. Everyday everytime seeing them laughing telling and sharing about their bleak life. Proudly show their cheerfullness about what they got. They just wanna excist girls whatever her attitude and however her life of past, maybe. It wasn't my emotional only, but as i mentioned i really really really sicken of that of you of them. Luckily just several of them wasn't influenced.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes, things unplanned can reached clearly and the opposite, all what we planned, sometimes couldn't reached well. Well, i experienced it this day. The formerly planning was go to Dieng Plateau with IX Dhe alumni. Buut, as usual, many persons didn't come. From 26 persons, there were just 4 persons who come. Theeenn, we had an unexpected idea to make this day awesome hehehh. We go out of town :D :D :D But there were some li'l accident which make us feeling so nerd there and like an alien there -__- some accidents began when i touched the purple sandal. That purple sandal and the other sandal at its right side were falled down. I was so shy and my friend didn't asumed me as their friends hahahaha sooo funny! They just kidding. Once again the accident, emm..i just confuse which stories that i'll tell. The main thing in this day wassss..we feeling soo dumb kali ya?
Hahahaha oh yaa..we went to departement store, and we found glasses stand. We thought, the collections was pretty cool and up to date :D We decided to take some photos hihi but when took some photos, the working woman who keeps the stand was followed us all over again. I repeteadly speak to my friends like this: "That shopkeeper was keep following us, maybe she was unbelieve with us that we'll never stole these glasses, right?". The other nerdiness things was my friend didn't know where to paid -_- and and so many things make us illfeel with self hahaha but this day was pretty aweful than the planning before ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Repairing The Shoe

A few months ago, i got accident. Eh i meant my shoe had an accident after i fixed my shoes to the shoemaker. I decided to sewing the bottom of it in order to make it more durable. Buuuuttt..u know what? i found the broken one in the front of the right side. The purple material was broken -_- I ever use this shoe when i went to Bali. Maybe my friends who didn't know were guessed my shoes was perforated but actually it wasn't. There was the side which is still good.

That was the one of my favorite flat shoes. Moreover, the color was purple. This is the purple luxurious shoe i ever had. So i never wanna throwing it :) wkwkwk. I just repaired it so that i can use this again. Do you wanna see how to repair it to be more beautiful? See:

  1. That was the broken one.
  2. The material: pair of satin l x w = 30x12, scissor, sewing needle, thread.
  3. Sew the edge of width. Remember, fold at about 1cm inside. There're 2 edge in the each of satin, so you can repeat sewing it 4times.
  4. Fold the length and the other length to be one (the inside was in the outside), and sew it. Do the same to the other satin.
  5. Reverse the satin carefully. Make a band form.
  6. Glue the band to the shoe till the broken covered by the bang
Then..tadaaaaaaa a (old) new shoe was done :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Then again...

I was left the blog for so longggggg then know i'm back :D after i get depression. Emmm i was so foolish huh. Let my heart to falling with. I just realized after this damn thing troubling me and my friend was told the fact. Why i must through this thing again? But who know? I felt again. It should choosed right at the past. I jussst don't know lahh, initially. Those pains were make me stronger kok ;) I was just not a right time. Will better in the future..aamiin.  Positively, i get learned even i must be carefull. The peculiar thing i found waaass..word "appologize". To brave, i think. It just the first time i know, there's a person forgive after he hurting a person by his atittude, leaving closefriend however not relationshipped and actually when he was texting me, he also texting another. The damn thing again, they ever watched drama together. Actually i was indeed nobody for him, but at that time, we had a relation, though wasn't relationship. But my friend told me, i was lucky, cause between ten girl who was he hurted, he just appologize to me though i never forgived. My heart wasn't a robot who just as an easy played and you will appologize to the owner after you broke it. I'm not a slut who can played by you then you leave easily. I think it's better left unsaid. I decide, never forgive him after we graduated. Too wicked? I think you more!

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