Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Day-Birth

Joyeux Anniversaire..joyeux anniversaire..joyeux anniversaire..joyeux anniversaire.....I had a birthday at 19 January ago..I got some gift from my siblings and my frienndddss :) Yayyy thanks for the girfts yaa..
gifts from my sister and brother thankyouu for woke me up (cause I had no woken) and give those :*
Instant noodle and picture frame from Dea Seja Gayuh. Why were they gave instant noodle? Cause I reallyreallyreally like that food. Tapi gak ini juga kali hadiahnyaa -___- haha makasih yaa
they fill the frame the photo of them and bring the letter "Happy Sweet Seventeen Eria" ohh thanks it too much sweet :)

You know? That I just still 17 yo..It's the beginning of my maturity, I hope. I'm trying to be better, though it's really hard, really really really hard..Umm, maybe I consider it's hard cause initially it's not my habit. As long as, I sure I can do all what I must do. I never be lazy again, I must obey parents, and the most important, I must preparing all the life-future now. But sometimes I often maybe forget, or hate to doing right because of my behaviour. My laziness.....yaaa I know I'm reallyreallyreally lazyyyyy -_____- Whereas, when I was at elementary school, I was really really dilligent. I use the time after I school to study. Repeat the lesson who had explained the teacher, or study for the next subject of lesson. And now, I seldom studyyyyy -______- so many time I use to playing notebook and then connected to the internet, like this now..Andd let's pray for me to be someone better or at least as I was kid :)

Thanks alll for the surprise of may day-17th :) And the celebrating have not done. Tomorrow will held my mini birthday party with my EelleeswEell :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cook cook cook

My mom and dad are on Jakarta for several days, and I with my sister brother at home without them. We all doing all what we need own without my mom. Cooking, washing, clean up the floor, prepareing for a school, all hm. Todayyy, was really a fried rice day. We had a breakfast with my simple noodle (psst..actually my sister brother love my fried rice thankiess). And for lunch too, just margarine, noodles, nuggets, rice, and soya sauce I can made the special fried noodles rice with nugget. Umm yummy. In fact I actually can cook! Yayy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grey Floral

Huh...tired enough. Just joined "makan-makan" at Nila's house with my closefriends in A7 SMANSABARA. Btw, yesterday I confused I'll wear what. And I remembered my dress, then I took a little alter. Finally, my dress becoming a baloon mini dress. Gee!

I just made a really simple alter, you can follow this step:
1. Reverse the dress as of the inside at outside.
2. Fold the dress, stick with a needle (see the picture)

3. The final step, sew with your finger, take a zigzag sewing pattern.
4. Done, now you have your neeww baloon dress :)



Saturday, January 14, 2012

All New Vintage

Yayyyyyy...I've edited all my background of blog, tumblr, and facebook cover. The theme was vintage with floral. I really really love those those those all....This's being my deadline this nite, and see......

this's for my blog, as you see
and this's for my tumblr, awww floralicious!

this image really really comfort to my cover facebook :*

All have done,  now I'll watch the film then sleep :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Vraiment bon vieux!!! Really a vintage clothes and style from Bonvieux Shop by Claradevi. I wanna buy or maybe it can be my inspiration to make some clothes for holiday in Bali next months :D

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tiara's Birthday

Helloooooooooooo..happy 2012 year! Sorry I'm really late hehehehe..I also haven't post about Tiara's 17th birthday party for mini. I also not tell about my lonely heart hahhahaa. Okayy, while just forget. I just really really down about my rapor and my whole life :( but I try to wake! And always laugh anyway, try to smile and try to thinking the other, convey that ways which made me down are nothing. I never accept them come again to my mind. Try to take them out if they're coming. Hmm..just deem I'm just happy in the middle of anything and anyone deh, ok? I'll show the picture from Tiara's birthday off, see.........

The style:

12 days approach my birthday xixi. I don't hope too much to getting something I want from my dad *fiuuhh. It just preparation to go to Bali. Yeaayyyy! For the day at 17 Februari till 5 days after the following.