Monday, November 21, 2011


Heyy, what's uppppp???? Came with lotta thoughts lotta bustles, lotta lotta lotta lotta task from my school -_- huh yea, and I realize that next Monday will be a test semester 1. Huh. I just really tired, we all really tired with the DEADLINE which makes us like treated as robots. And something weird in my life about him that make my life kinda disappointed. Turn me up, and turn me down. Yes, whileeee, forget. I have some umm cute stuffs. Here are from Sophie Martin. I want one of those items. Umm? Which is? Whatever, but the one which I most love is the wallet. I hope I can buy it as soon as possible cause my wallet is old, hehe

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lotta Love

Yeah. There're many chances..For many reasons, and many thoughts..I can claim that ILOVEU. Yes thank you for make my feeling increase for you cause you do called me. Then I saw now, you're nothing. Really not as yesterday. I keep going calm. If you just gimme an empty hope, no matter. Maybe we aren't fate yet:) eaaa...

Yaa..see? Not because I found the really overt evidences on his facebook about his story and her then I see he really really overt, like her facebook is his diary (usually never like that). No, thank you. It just because the other came unexpected and make my feeling going up. Now, I can call you as he..and he as you. Oh, no no no, he and you as a new now, not an old. You, yes you, not you anymore, thank you. Yes, come unexpected. I don't know it's an empty or no ( hope isn't). Make my expect began true, almost true (aamiin). Since he called me Tuesday afternoon, waaa unexpected. I just can say UNEXPECTED. Talked about much in that phone. He's singing, he's 'ngegombal' acieee hahaha. Much much much. Melted. Ouch. Hahaha. And the most important, you can make me forget him. I don't I don't, I don't wanna make you as my impingement of my feeling only. No. Don't you know that i've ever like you at JHS past? I can tell to you and this world that I can falling in love AGAIN! Thanks God:) And I can learn, "all the people's words is out of their capable"

Thankyou (lotta love)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You come UNEXPECT! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Rain and The Match

"I miss the way the rain sweetly splashed us together with our giggle that created the moment of sweetness and made the warm and cold being one"

The picture taken by me in front of my class, XI A 7. It's a roof of the Mushola in my school. Beautiful, isn't? Yaa..with sparkles above the roof. I waited for the rain with my classmate, Wan, Nila, Alip, Bela, Ganda, Jojo, Ibnu, more..Waited so long and the rain didn't stop. Hmmm. whereas that day was the last match for our class determine the third winner of the Liga Osis. But it was canceled cause of the rain which heavy more and more. Definitely the match will held at next Thursday and i can't watch and support them. I'll go to Surabaya for my cousin's mariage. Then, hmm..i just hope we'll be the third winner and don't give up my friends! Keep fighting and keep spirit! All important than all, keep smiling :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Morning's Breakfast

Kare Noodle. Ya, i like it since i often eats it at canteen. Delicious. Ummm Yummy..:*

Yesterday, Ooh Yesterday..

Yesterday was fasting to greeting the Ied Adha. I was bored yesterday afternoon then i hanged out with anisa, took a photos at photobox and went to Bella's house at Semarang Kidul borrowed some magazine for article on my class's blog.
I wore my dad's white shirt again which now is mine (y) with bluesky jeans and grey hijab. I added the accessories too, such as necklace, belt, and bracelet. Perfect for taking pictures! Then Nisa wore same, she wore her son's bluewhite shirt, white hijab and jeans, also wrist watch and doraemon necklace.
what i wore
what nisa wore

Let's gooooo.. we headed the photobox store. And this's the result:
this one imensely cute, isn't?

Well, yesterday is yesterday and today we (all off Moslem) celebrate the Ied Adha. The day where all the Moslem in this world slaughters pet animal such as cows, sheep, and goat. Moslem's feast day, and togetherness. HAPPY IED ADHA pals!

Missing (y)

Someone missing you if the clock shows a same number. And when you see that, it means somebody out there miss you. Is it right? I don't know, the most important for me, it was you who missing me.

Friday, November 4, 2011

WE LOVE PEACE :: XI A 7: Lapisan Ozon Sang Pelindung

WE LOVE PEACE :: XI A 7: Lapisan Ozon Sang Pelindung: Suhu bumi semakin panas, isu tentag pemanasan global semakin marak dibicarakan dimana – mana. Ternyata ini semua diakibat...

nenenene..this is one of my class's blog posting

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Dearest Class, xi science 7

Hey hooooo, i just want to share my class's blog for increasing visitors. Click this picture:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keep Calm and Love Your Hijab

Good day fellow Muslims! I love that trendy style-of-quote like a lot. I found one in Islamic kinda version I got from peace within heart on Tumblr.
I love my hijab, I've been wearing it since a year ago when I started my Senior High School life. I wish I become Istiqamah. Aamiin. Recently, there are many Muslim women realize and started wearing hijab. In my country, Indonesia, where the majority is Muslim (around 80% and the largest in the world), there are still many Muslim women who haven't been wearing hijab yet (I pray for them to encourage themselves started wearing hijab). However, today is better than the years back. My mom told me, there were so little amount of Muslim women who were wearing Hijab. If I'm not mistaken, the government had prohibited Muslim women of wearing Hijab for some institution, especially school. I don't know much about it, but that's what I've heard. But now, there are many people (Muslim women) start wearing hijab, including me :p In my school, for instance, there are probably more than 50% girls who are wearing hijab. The school also has designed a uniform which suits people to wear hijab: long sleeves + long skirt. So, whenever you realize it's the time to wear hijab, you don't need to worry to buy another uniform. You can just wear the hijab with the uniform.
A few of Indonesian actress also started wearing their hijab recently. How happy! Now people can wear hijab without being prohibited or get annoyed. I wish that Muslim also realize, it's not only hijab that matters, but our attitude as well. I'm also not perfect, but I know that we have to do good things as well. Wearing the hijab and edify ourselves. Isn't that sounds good?
Anyway, keep calm and love your hijab!