Saturday, June 4, 2011


Haha yea..
I've been leaving this blog in few weeks because of my modem was deactivated and i can't exploring anymore. Huhu. And the final semester test helding. Dizzy. But during this weeks, i got some experience about love which make me mature, some hopefull and some hopeless you gave to me that always makes me dizzy; school which make me feeling not lonely beside my friends and i can studying about things implied.
You know? The school year will be end and i will come to year two in this high school. Leaving x7, and all. Hmm. I just remember when i was on JHS, it's so hard to leaving all the things that happened. Don't wanna leaving 9d, and him. Hehe. But it was ended. Just be able to remember and can't repeat it. For x7, i think, not as hard as 9d. It mean that i hate x7, but i bored with them. The boy of x7. Especially for the sucking one. Yes enough.
On this weekend, i don't have money :( huh. I can't hanging out with Nisa, my friend. Im fact i'm so want.