Friday, April 29, 2011

cut your bangs own!

I found a tips again for you! You can cut your bangs own, it's totally easy!

  1. separate your bangs and your hair, so you can easily cut it
  2. you can cut your bangs when it dry or dabby. If you doing it while your bangs is dabby, you can cut it longer than you want. The bangs will fluffy when it dry.
  3. twist the bangs and move it on the middle of the your forehead. so that the bangs will look naturally. The edge side will longer than center
let do it gals! you can save money and your can make you bangs according to you want :D

Uh eh, may i tell you something? oke, i'll tell this is should be month sixth of us, but it never be happen cause now, it've been done

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

banana mask

i have a tips for you, girls. probably, some girls already knew this, but it's not bad if i tell it to you :) there're many vitamin in this fruit, such as: potassium; iron; calcium; protein; phosphorus; vitamin A, C, and B. We can cultivate it to be a natural mask.

Do follow these step:

for dry skin:
mix banana with an egg, and a spoon of yoghurt. Dabs it to your face, and wait 15-20 minutes. Wash your face with the warm water. It makes your face more smooth and soft. Do it 2-3 weeks per month

for oily skin:
mashed the banana, add a teaspoon of lemon squeeze, mix it. Dabs it to your face, and wait until 20 minutes. Wash your face with the warm water. Do this aproximately 30-40 days.

for normal skin:
mashed the banana and add a spoon of yoghurt (you can change it with the honey). Dabs it and wait until 20 minutes. Wash your face with the warm water.

Just try it peeps :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the cutest life, i got it again :)

my blog was full of my diary. it's that you think at few days, right? haha now i'll be right back, fill this blog full of color and happiness!!! yaay. but i'm confused, what i wanna write on this? usually, i write about fashion. but there's no topic. hehehehe. ummh. no more him. no more. just forget, ya forget. hmm. oh ya, during this, definitely, you think that i'm Miss Drama Queen who always tell a love story in this world, talk about love all the time. But actually i'm not like that. That's not really me. Because i got something most painful in my life, and it's my first time, arrrr. hahahaha because i still 16 Year Old :D. still a youth. and he's my first love, since at elementary school! :D hahaha. and i'm still a childish girl. i feeling sleepy -_-" hmm, and i've not eating. i'm so "hungraaaaaay". hahahaha. bye peeps. eh, i've something to learn for you all, don't be sad protacted like i have done. xoxo


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feels more miserable

I think, he hate me so. Now, he's so much hate me. Maybe it's my fault. Totally my fault. Hmm. Huh. Sigh. I never thought that he gonna be like this now. Soooo different. Feels like he want me to die. I'm so confuse. I wanna meet him but i'm afraid. I wont see he angry with me. for hope that he'll back, i think it's so difficult. I just wanna stop feeling miserable. Uh, God. And his character, arrogant, gruff, prestige, and huh. Why must i knowing the person like you? Why must i loving you? And just you? Since a long time, i know you, and you never change your character. Please, you're not a child again, you're not at an elementary school. Rawr. Or maybe i was full of false then you never forgive me? But why he never tell my fault? I was so confused of your mind. I know my attitude was not too god, i know i was said so badly. I'm soooooooo sorry. So much i'm sorry, if my words was hurt you. I'm just a human that never escaped from the wrong way. I'm sooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. SO MUCH I'M SORRY. I wanna you to say love me. Hmm it just a dream now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

we get same problem

finally, we met vina who never gather with me :D yayyy we went to vina's home. Almost complete, ten persons, but one can't come, Nisa,  because she should go to hospital for register the tonsillectomy.

ehm, actually, i and nisa have same problem. They (boys) said brake up to us. him him him, it's all about him. Huh. him, he makes us thinking that we said wrong. WE SAID WRONG! actually, we just said that we wanna say. We wanna say what is disturbing in our mind, we just kinda uncomfort with this, just it and never wanna be break, or BREAK UP! we just wanna be better to trough this relation. hmmm till this time, i just don't know what is the reason of him said that he wanna own, leave me, make me hurt. maybe i was wrong, but he never tell that i'm wrong. that's his fault. but he's not completely wrong, i also wrong :) and i regret. oke, and i know, regret always comes later. i still hope he come back to me :) huh, no matter. let just thinking the other side! in this life, we're not just thinking about love. so i don't wanna sad anymore. i wanna wake up. not forget it all, but just let it flow, there are many important things than it. keep breathing!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one day for silvi

It should be posted on 03 April 2011
This day, oke uhmm, actually i still so sad because of him. huh whatever :D now i got some happiness with my friends, Silvi, Nisa, Lita, Zahra, Tiara, and also Arsya
We were, me, Nisa, Zahra, and Lita, go to Silvi's home, for saw her new brother :) he's so cuuuute! we also gave him some stuffs for baby. And peeps, Silvi had birthday on 10 March, and we're so much sorry silvi. for  the gift that given to much late. Cause we're confused to manage our money, and even she had a birthday, we're didn't gave anygift. And taraaaaaa, took photos :) but Lita already leave.
not too bad -_-"

Okaaay, after we went to Silvi's home, we go to Tiara's home, for pick Arsy and Tiara up. The planning was accompanied Silvi to buy a gift for his boy :) it is drum stick which carved by their name and their anniversary. Sweeet :) But not just it, there was some planned too.
The first destination: Going to Music Shop, or we bought it on Book Store, hehehe. She found a stick here and bought it,
okaaay, next destination: we went to Semarang Kidul, a district that 'he' live :) :( but i can't visited him huh. We in here looking for a carvemen and stayed for a while at Evelin's kost, but the carvemen have moved since a long time. So, she carved it self.
third destination: Arsy had a gift for the sister of her ex-boyfriend, hihi Soooo, with the rain we were going to The sister-in-law's house.
The end destination: go back to Tiara's home and gave Silvi a gift :)
when we were heading to Tiara's home, we got the heavy rain, and our body were wet! hah, i remember when i and him hanging out and the heavy rain flushed us :') too much sweet, i miss him. haaaaah
The way she opened up the gift
We all got a wet! -_-" but we always took some photos hehe

We were to much to go to any place, right? hahaha
That day is so cheerful and make me forget the problem that i have :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the ribbon

the ribbon for our uniform (x7 gals) hihii. you know peeps? every girls sitting on x7 class now wearing hijab! alhamdulillah. we can call now, HIJABERS CLASS :D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the problem that happening

i just want to tell that i've been wait him sooooo long but we just hold out for 5months :') he just brake it all. every words he said, not believe that he was made that. but i just realized. i know, it caused of me. i'm so stupid girl who never know how to tell the problem. i regret. and i'm so sorry because i'm so wicked. i never care with you, i realized and i regret. i was make you so confused, i realized and i regret. previously, we just never got any big problem. we were peaceful. it just last. you were so make me comfort. but it just last. last. last. sometimes, i think like that: "it is not you" i just go back at the pass, it is different to you. you are different to you were. but now, you're so faaaaaar. like i don't know you. like i just hope you only in my dream, as i feel previously before i had you. i don't know what you feel right now. and i think you are not same with me here, i'm feel so pain, i'm feel so sad, but you? you said that you are comfort with your condition right now. but i, i am still loving you. i keep on loving. never one percent disappear my love. i just want to come back to that time. knowing you, see you in a beautiful place here. here, accompany me. i want we are come back as before, no more troubles. not makes me crying never makes me sad. i just want you to know. my love never be disappear. i promise for you!
and i wish you to come back here. i still waiting for you to comeback:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


yes, cooooool! from Robinet

Saturday, April 2, 2011


i don't expect this kind. i hope it just break, just break, it just break. and not to be BREAKUP. if i could, i should not have said it all