Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have new blog, eh it's not mine but it's our :) We made that blog to reports and tells all the stories happens around us. As you knew, I have a little friendship included 11 person on, named alizers. We've been friendshiped since about 2 years ago and wanna be friendship forever. Click the image to see the blog.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Was a Holiday for My Dad

This day wasss.... not ordinary and not special. Something unpredictable come again and it haunted in my mind as always. Hmm, I thought there was something about me about judgement, but then I know isn't it. It's about a badly gossip about him. And I don't know I should believe or not. Yea, while..forget. This day, I was shopping but found just one thing there. I need money, not a stuffs so I and my sister ask to dad to give us a money. Heheheheh...I bought phasmina and this's my first phasmina :)

It was my dad's turn today. Went to this departement store, then asked to another departement. Umm..satisfied, but I don't bought anything there cause I didn't found miracle there (eciyee-?????????-) I didn't found what I need and what I want. It just my dad's area, he bought bag, clothes clothes and so many things, hmm. I found a vintage clothes but it have short sleeve -_____- and I found eiffel miniature too, I don't have anymoney then my dad didn't wanna buy it for me, so I didn't got it :3 *galau

I felt enjoy with the style today:
had took at the to-i-let -_-"
see, what inside my bag. was full of purple stuffs: mukena, parfume, and wallet

 my mom's clothes and bag (now, mine), sophie martin belt, unbranded veil shoes and tight

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boys Become Men When They....

follow you when you walk out
call you back when you hang up
hug you when you punch him
kiss you when you nag
watch click-flicks with you
tolerate your crying over love stories
hand you the remote control
pass on booze night just to listen your rantings
don't flare up when you give a car direction
says I'm sorry and tell you he needs you


I want someone doing like that to me. I want someone love me sincerely. Hard to losing me, care me, love me...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Eiffel Tower

Dreaming the greatest place in this world. dreaming to go to there. Eiffel awwwww. Dreaming a dinner with someone at that Eiffel :*

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will never see you give a smile to me again. I wanna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy but i couldn't. I wanna obtested but to you it's never. I can't see openly to you anymore. Why you can did to me at all???????????? Why you just like give me a hope? You've been. We'd be. But what????????? You make me drawnnnnnn when I'm on the sky with a very relaxed feeling. "Hurt" I said, "confused" then you replied. If you never convinced with all what you feel why are you make me really high???????????????????? HIGH?????????????????????????????????? Why are you still seeing me? I saw you saw me, on my way, at my direction. But, are you realized with all you've said to me? Make me hurt when I was well, really well. You are confused then me too. You broke my hope that originally has been built by yourself..........

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's not easy, to make us as usual. It's rather hard (you know). But. How must you did it all? Will you find another me? Or you'll back to her? Damn. WHAT THE HELL. Now, guess what a people will say badly about me like I was stalk to you. As I don't have attitute or anything else. It just shitttttttt. Said said that you love mee, said that you miss me said said said that you'd pick me up, come to my house. BULLSHITTT. What's the meaning of BREAK?? Or BREAK UP lah I don't know what you meant. What you feel (whaaaattt???) I don't understand. Said what's your condition now (and I don't understand, cause you didn't tell clearly). Unexpectedly you leave me with all my expectation. Then I'm hurt again now, this day. You said that it'll better than we continue then will more hurt. Huh. God, make me become strong now.........I must be prepared with all the possibility tomorrow will be. All  the bad talking, all the judgement, and his ex's happiness. All the fans joyment. And all. Said beibiii, and else and now is NOTHING. That's what make me drawn now. UNEXPLAINED. Suddenlyyyyyy. That was disgraced. And this's the badly ending

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Is He Doing Right Now?

Sometimes I feel like we are very very close, but sometimes it can be the opposite. Why? We don't have a routine communication and its communicate just by phone and never meet up. Meet up just word only and not being real yet. Umm..then we are not yet but I have many many complain about the time that should be free. It's never been the free time on. Just awhile, sometimes, seldom, or long reply. I must be patient :) Really really make me confuse. Sometimes it's immenselly close and kinda often far. What is in my mind, just asking asking and asking. How? Why When? I don't know how we're now, why we could be like this, and when it'll be done? It'll done and we are happy. No more yoke in the heart and no more question whenwhenwhen howhowhow whywhywhy. We'll be relieve. Everybody know? It's no matter. Anyone have jealous? It's their problem. And we can enjoy our. Then we can feeling a beautiful and peaceful of heart. Hmm..but I don't know why it can be real. Actually, it should have been done! But I denied just because I don't wanna he said indirect. Cause I wanna tell many things. For our. I made him wait but when the time comes there isn't thing. I made him do remember. But also nothing. It was my fault. That's a fault. Not occured yet but I've made a fault. The badly beginning...........................................

let do visit

Thursday, December 8, 2011


You can learn of your memories and you not be able to regret it. Even the future is not on your side. You're not allowed to judge someone and comment he/she badly. You not be able to angry with someone who have become your future you want. You can't be envy, cause you're not the owner anymore. You must be strong though the fact isn't you need. Probably you can look out the other side. A very much beautiful things which actually wont you do. Maybe your heart still closed for the things you must enter. You just don't wanna try! Please try and don't disturb anyone or maybe some. People you bullied is really uncomfort and assumed you, you're the person who can't admit the reality. Please don't be overt. You just show your problem that everybody can guess easily what you feel. You seems weak. Become a hypocrite for awhile is better than you show your envious

Monday, December 5, 2011

Finished school test have done. But, remedial tests is waiting :3 hwhwhwhw. Looking around my school and make me really bored, then I'm going home. Guess what I found in my house. Still like a dumb. Lazyyy....Something wonderfull happened yesterday....
Umm..what's that? Haha I just relieve a fatigue of the test semester a week ago with Anisa. Kinda make my money decrease. Whereas those moneys for my school about two weeks and holiday for two weeks too. I hope I'm not spend it too much. Yesterday was, took a little shopping, kongkow and drinking, took photos in a new chow center in this town, and playing webcam.

Ukaay, haha. I feel my heart is really really relief now, especially for yesterday. Who knows that I can move before? And I never believe that I can! I never believe i'm not feeling hurted for someone there enjoy his relation. Who knows that I can find another before someone out of there decided to being relation. Whoo knowwss? Who knows I got someone there's friend? Who knows I can love him again from the past when I was JHS. Now, will be no more someone out of there, annoying my mind. Sometimes i'm afraid to build the new relation with other. I'm afraid for losing someone again, hurt, and disappointed. That was, i rather getting traum. Hmm...because of  the very deeply hurt at a past. I don't wanna feel it anymore. I should keep this better for getting all better too..

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Don't you know? We're now a mature . Not just age but also our thoughts. Don't we ever shy when we like a child? Childish and not proper with our age. Definitely we ever. But ever we try to change? We are still young indeed. Very much temptation obstruct. Hanging out, dating, and much till the 'crazy' thing certainly we've ever try. Spending the time and wasting. With all of youth desire like you just live for one day again then die till you don't remember what your obligation is. Hey? It's our time to go ahead! Thinking our future and try to catch. Not just having fun and wasting a time. Start from now, we must determine our future. Youth is not just for 'spree' but we also try to catch what our future is. Not just planning but preparing what we need for the plan ahead. About our future and our life after. Just keep fighting and reach your future!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Heyy, what's uppppp???? Came with lotta thoughts lotta bustles, lotta lotta lotta lotta task from my school -_- huh yea, and I realize that next Monday will be a test semester 1. Huh. I just really tired, we all really tired with the DEADLINE which makes us like treated as robots. And something weird in my life about him that make my life kinda disappointed. Turn me up, and turn me down. Yes, whileeee, forget. I have some umm cute stuffs. Here are from Sophie Martin. I want one of those items. Umm? Which is? Whatever, but the one which I most love is the wallet. I hope I can buy it as soon as possible cause my wallet is old, hehe

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lotta Love

Yeah. There're many chances..For many reasons, and many thoughts..I can claim that ILOVEU. Yes thank you for make my feeling increase for you cause you do called me. Then I saw now, you're nothing. Really not as yesterday. I keep going calm. If you just gimme an empty hope, no matter. Maybe we aren't fate yet:) eaaa...

Yaa..see? Not because I found the really overt evidences on his facebook about his story and her then I see he really really overt, like her facebook is his diary (usually never like that). No, thank you. It just because the other came unexpected and make my feeling going up. Now, I can call you as he..and he as you. Oh, no no no, he and you as a new now, not an old. You, yes you, not you anymore, thank you. Yes, come unexpected. I don't know it's an empty or no ( hope isn't). Make my expect began true, almost true (aamiin). Since he called me Tuesday afternoon, waaa unexpected. I just can say UNEXPECTED. Talked about much in that phone. He's singing, he's 'ngegombal' acieee hahaha. Much much much. Melted. Ouch. Hahaha. And the most important, you can make me forget him. I don't I don't, I don't wanna make you as my impingement of my feeling only. No. Don't you know that i've ever like you at JHS past? I can tell to you and this world that I can falling in love AGAIN! Thanks God:) And I can learn, "all the people's words is out of their capable"

Thankyou (lotta love)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You come UNEXPECT! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Rain and The Match

"I miss the way the rain sweetly splashed us together with our giggle that created the moment of sweetness and made the warm and cold being one"

The picture taken by me in front of my class, XI A 7. It's a roof of the Mushola in my school. Beautiful, isn't? Yaa..with sparkles above the roof. I waited for the rain with my classmate, Wan, Nila, Alip, Bela, Ganda, Jojo, Ibnu, more..Waited so long and the rain didn't stop. Hmmm. whereas that day was the last match for our class determine the third winner of the Liga Osis. But it was canceled cause of the rain which heavy more and more. Definitely the match will held at next Thursday and i can't watch and support them. I'll go to Surabaya for my cousin's mariage. Then, hmm..i just hope we'll be the third winner and don't give up my friends! Keep fighting and keep spirit! All important than all, keep smiling :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Morning's Breakfast

Kare Noodle. Ya, i like it since i often eats it at canteen. Delicious. Ummm Yummy..:*

Yesterday, Ooh Yesterday..

Yesterday was fasting to greeting the Ied Adha. I was bored yesterday afternoon then i hanged out with anisa, took a photos at photobox and went to Bella's house at Semarang Kidul borrowed some magazine for article on my class's blog.
I wore my dad's white shirt again which now is mine (y) with bluesky jeans and grey hijab. I added the accessories too, such as necklace, belt, and bracelet. Perfect for taking pictures! Then Nisa wore same, she wore her son's bluewhite shirt, white hijab and jeans, also wrist watch and doraemon necklace.
what i wore
what nisa wore

Let's gooooo.. we headed the photobox store. And this's the result:
this one imensely cute, isn't?

Well, yesterday is yesterday and today we (all off Moslem) celebrate the Ied Adha. The day where all the Moslem in this world slaughters pet animal such as cows, sheep, and goat. Moslem's feast day, and togetherness. HAPPY IED ADHA pals!

Missing (y)

Someone missing you if the clock shows a same number. And when you see that, it means somebody out there miss you. Is it right? I don't know, the most important for me, it was you who missing me.

Friday, November 4, 2011

WE LOVE PEACE :: XI A 7: Lapisan Ozon Sang Pelindung

WE LOVE PEACE :: XI A 7: Lapisan Ozon Sang Pelindung: Suhu bumi semakin panas, isu tentag pemanasan global semakin marak dibicarakan dimana – mana. Ternyata ini semua diakibat...

nenenene..this is one of my class's blog posting

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Dearest Class, xi science 7

Hey hooooo, i just want to share my class's blog for increasing visitors. Click this picture:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keep Calm and Love Your Hijab

Good day fellow Muslims! I love that trendy style-of-quote like a lot. I found one in Islamic kinda version I got from peace within heart on Tumblr.
I love my hijab, I've been wearing it since a year ago when I started my Senior High School life. I wish I become Istiqamah. Aamiin. Recently, there are many Muslim women realize and started wearing hijab. In my country, Indonesia, where the majority is Muslim (around 80% and the largest in the world), there are still many Muslim women who haven't been wearing hijab yet (I pray for them to encourage themselves started wearing hijab). However, today is better than the years back. My mom told me, there were so little amount of Muslim women who were wearing Hijab. If I'm not mistaken, the government had prohibited Muslim women of wearing Hijab for some institution, especially school. I don't know much about it, but that's what I've heard. But now, there are many people (Muslim women) start wearing hijab, including me :p In my school, for instance, there are probably more than 50% girls who are wearing hijab. The school also has designed a uniform which suits people to wear hijab: long sleeves + long skirt. So, whenever you realize it's the time to wear hijab, you don't need to worry to buy another uniform. You can just wear the hijab with the uniform.
A few of Indonesian actress also started wearing their hijab recently. How happy! Now people can wear hijab without being prohibited or get annoyed. I wish that Muslim also realize, it's not only hijab that matters, but our attitude as well. I'm also not perfect, but I know that we have to do good things as well. Wearing the hijab and edify ourselves. Isn't that sounds good?
Anyway, keep calm and love your hijab!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Got Home

This morning i just posted a status: "Need an agenda" cause i don't have any event today (actually). But my Mom need a new gas stove which about 15 years never changed. Then we gooo. Went to Purwokerto, yaa..too far, just for bought a gas stove. It was my family's habit, if we need something we usually go out of town. Not for prestige but just for refreshing. Then we visited some departement store, hehehehe. Here are some photos and i'll tell..

Sneak Peek:
My brown veil
My zebra shoe
My mini brown bag
My dad's white shirt
My DIY colorful necklace
My sister's brown bracelet

This is the bag from my aunt, it's brought to me cause she don't like a very mini bag like this. Hmm i'm so grateful my aunt gave me this bag. Hell yeah i'll show you what inside my bag:

My phone, puteri loose powder, vaseline healthy white

Well this day, done for shopping and looked around. But i don't found two things i need before (English Grammar and an Agenda book). Hmm, it's okay no matter, i bearable satisfy cause i got some neeeww things. Yayyy
from top left to bottom right: Wajah Terakhir (stories collection), my pencil case, POOH Floopy pen, my binder note, POOH mini pen, hanger

Actually i don't wanted to bought that binder before, i just need and agenda. But my dad hate the price, it's tooo hi, then i don't able to buy it..Hmm it's okaay cause this binder sooo cutee. Have a meong printing wkwk

Isn't it? I'll write down about my life, my thoughts, an all of comments all of blame all of my protest to all of the people.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Daily Qoutation

"I'm not weak, not weak. Believe on yours that you're not weak, it'll make you really not weak:)"

-Eria Eka Wulandari

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I want that velvet wedges hehehe. I'll mix with a black stocking too. I't so great. Waaaaaaa will look edgy! But I have one problem before i decide to buy it. This style will look kinda extreme in this town so it's not possible to wear it at anywhere and at any events. How? hmm

what i want

You know? My phone was sooo old. Yaa, it's about 4 years i used it. I wanna change the new one but my dad disagree cause i always aks anything. Hmm. My dad didn't know how old my phone is :3 Hwhwhwhwhwhw. Then i must able to reach this! I must obey to my parents so i can get thiiisssssssssssss

Xperia x8 awwww...i've search the spesification, price, and the color. Hehehehe. Like an addict. Really i want thisssss. Umm, but i have one problem. I have many permanent message texts on my phone. How should i do to moving it if I truly buy this? How how how? Save on the sim card? It wasn't enough. The amount of messages is a hundred++ for inbox and sent items, it's about 200-250. hehehehe :( Why should  i do to move it?

ps: picture taken from

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Aulion is the one of talented boy in Indonesia. He made a creative stopmotion. Yeaaa, it've been so long, maybe you already knew but i mind to share this though too late. No matter, isn't? If all Indonesian teenanger have a creative thought, Indonesia will have a bright future, have no many troubles. One last sentece, keeping spirit for all of Indonesian teenager, be creative, be a trendsetter, and don't be a copycat! Yeay IloveIndonesia

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I feel no happy and i'm not sad. Ordinary
I don't feel like flying in the blue sky and not feel drawn in the sea
I'm not falling in love and feeling any broken
I'm okay..with this "ordinarement"
I'm relieve..without you though i still always dreams for you
Yaa...still at the same person and HOW I MISS YOU:)
Thousands things i don't know for capture my heart
Yes, YOU :*

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

D.E.U.T.S.C.H what does it make you dizzy?

I made this picture and showed it to my friends when my teacher was explained then they're laugh
What does she said? It like something weird which talked with us. What language? Planet where? She should explain the basic not the things that've on the top of the basic. What is warum? "Ist Deutsch sehr 'spaneng'?" (It means=Is Deutsch soo difficult?) The teacher said like that. Certainly we (as a students) said "Jaaaaaaaa" (it means=yes). Huh. And in fact, i must studying much about at least about three foreign language cause i'll continue my study at International Relation (HI) while i can't studying Deutsch well. The problem is on the teacher, I think. She couldn't explained well as the students wants. Better when my friends, Lia, who explaned. Lia could teach us better and we able to more understand. What should we do? Is my friend must tell and tell and explain and then replace the teacher and then she become the changer? It'll better, but it's not appropiate with the curiculum. STUDENTS CAN'T BE A TEACHER at the teaching-learning activity. So, how the way to make it on the right line? Then Vida, my friend, won't said like this again: "Latian basa isyarat yuk? :(" How's the waayyy??

My friend, Uut, made a little scratch:
When we can open up our eyes for Deutsch? We always closes our eyes when the Deutsch come. Then English which have been learned for some years, we also remedial anyway. So, what about the Deutsch?!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All i know (maybe all WE know) it just Ich liece dich, noch, doch ja, nein, guten morgen, kaput, ich, du, lampe, haus, zϋmbiespiele. Just a little :3
But Lia said, we must motivate ourselves then we can understand because Deutsch is not exact. I'll try myself to interest with this Lesson. I try, for myself too and my future certainly. Because HI must adept with at least three language, then English, i not so adept yet. I'll try myself to interest with the language lesson, especially foreign:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Actually. Still. Stuck

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hijab Blogger

Hey, I'm back! Rather bored with the Tumblr cause I always posted a texts or quotes texts and quotes again about my life hmm and hell yeah, waaw found this site when I visit hijab inspiration on my Tumblr dashboard then click it and find the source of one photo at its site.  I love it! A bit like a Malaysian style with her pashmina and a big bottom that look Islamic and wearing no tight. Look edge and casually awww I wanna have style like her :* :D Visit her blog here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Says agree for posting on Tumblr. I'm not moving but now is busy on tumblr. This Blog is repose for a while. See my quotation or some diary at . I uses Indonesian :) SEEEEE

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Don't Ever Sacrifice Yourself

Never stay with someone who doesn't show you that you deserve the universe. Don't do anyone any favors when all they do is make you sacrifice yourself.  You deserve more than you give yourself credit for. Know that you should not settle for someone who can't prove their words for you. Most of all, LOVE YOURSELF and everything well will follow after


But i'm doing..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Remembrance, It is....You.

Your mind, wanna lose from me. Wanna forget forget as possible. I'm so sick when i remember all the dumb think i ever did to you. It's suck. It decrease your feeling to me..I just like a freak girl who disturb you, so you never seen if i was there on one scope with you. I'm sorry...I did all. I can't save your feeling. I'm so regret...Not comparable with my waiting. It's okay i'm still allive :) I have....umm a song, this is for you..

aku yang lemah tanpamu, aku yang rentan karena
cinta yang tlah hilang darimu yang mampu menyanjungku

selama mata terbuka sampai jantung tak berdetak
selama itu pun aku mampu tuk mengenangmu
darimu, kutemukan hidupku
bagiku, kau lah cinta sejati

bila yang tertulis untukku adalah yang terbaik untukmu
kan kujadikan kau kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku
namun takkan mudah bagiku meninggalkan jejak hidupmu
yang tlah terukir abadi sebagai kenangan yang terindah....

by samsons

Hope it not just being a memory...

Friday, September 16, 2011


All of my life is shouldn't just you. SHOULDN'T. I know. Hmmm. I can't forget you because i don't want to. Just through. Hahaha. Perhaps now you're happy with your life. Eh, it's not just perhaps, but it's really. You forget me anyway throw me waste me. I don't wanna ask why, because i know it's 'unanswer'. How i love you and how i miss you. How i don't wanna forget. I think i can't and i....huh. You're the best thing i ever had. I don't lie. That's way that i'll never forget you. You still being my dream that never can be reach. You're the dream that ever happened true. I'm happy at that time. The dream is only and stay being dream. I don't hope too much. I'm happy that you ever responded it. Though now it's nothing. Like a..NOTHING. Wasted. Like we never doing anything. It just wasted. Like it never happened. Like a wind. Wuuuzzzh. It's nothing for you. But for me is anything. Anything that nothing. Anything that wasted. I found someone who understand me and make me comfort. And not you. But there's nothing between us. I'm not claim that i close to him. We just friend. Friend to share. Just on one scope. Actually i'm really really comfort. But more comfort with you. Honestly............You find another? Or you obsessed with another me? Me that make you weak (past). "Weak in the presence of woman".  I'm still really really remember when the first time we met after school. I love your eyes. Staring to me. Made me embarrassed. Unforgettable memories. You're the one that unforgettable. The one story, if there's you in my story, there's unforgettable.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Something that make me happy. You know? Even you just doing like that, it's make me feel soo bright and so happy. Thanks God! Thanks for Oce too who teasing me. Hehe. Thanks. I'm feeling the happiness that a long time not appear in my life :) Though it just temporary. At the moment you look different not as i think every day and night. Maybe just because there's some people there and you don't wanna.. hmm i dunno what i wanna tell. But thanks for temporarily make me feel happy..............

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday waaas, yaa not bad. Tired enough, and i don't find any money on my wallet anymore :3 It's okay, this is for my bestfriends, anything :) This day should being a Halal Bi Halal for us, should be a special day. But there're some rush between them, so they can't hanged out with us ate stick at KW. We just sixes. And at the last, we just 4 people only, same. Hmm.

After we ate at KW, we, just four, (arsy nisa rara and me) desire to photo box at "Myut Myut" but it was closed and walked away used our motorcycle and went to 'Dieng' for karaoke. And you know, huh. we shouldn't go there. The karaoke was queued and we don't wanna wait. But i found many pooh stuffs here :* i love it! And i bought couple of pooh necklace. The one of it was combine with a pendant from him :) hehe
That is the pooh and the pendant from him
another pooh necklace
psssst, it is bag from the shop :D pooohhh

From the shop we went to Alun-alun. It's okay, the peak object when we confuse going everywere. Hmm. But alright, here we can do anything such as take photos hehe. Anisa bought bubble and spill it self. ckkckck

And then we can't blow the bubble, we just sat, took photos, talking about around, without bubble. Yaaaah. haha

natural pose, iwww i like it soo. cool. but they don't like their photo, ckckck

The stuffs:

the capture of what i wore at alizers meeting

here is the grey hijab and 'ciput' for black
grey polka bolero
white tank
mom's bag

nisa's and tiara's bracelet hehe
bluesky jeans
zebra flat shoes