Sunday, October 31, 2010

together feel so happy

long time no gather. And then we met.. We're so happy!!!!

but we're minus 3

Monday, October 25, 2010


u know that i love you,
i know that you love me. .
actually, we're not a couple, but comfortly, like a couple. U always says good nite with your different word when i already say 'i will sleep'. U hope, that you'll in my dream. It's so sweet. Now, feel not so lonely! i love you! Although, sometimes we're not go on. Haha. UNYU. This so unique story from u and me. Unexpetedly, last saturday u send me a message. And till this time we're so connecting!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long waiting become short now

saturday, 23th october 2010. .
maybe this is an awesome day in my life -maybe-
but i sure it's not just 'maybe'. It's indeed so! Haha happy? Yayy oh so! I was wait so long. And now? Hahaha my dream will come true? I hope it. And those message will memories. The our first conversation on the phone. Although we ever have a relation at elementary, haha but it's just a 'Cinta Monyet'. During we be a 'child' couple, we rare talk. In fact never. 'Mimpi apa gue semalem?' so happy, so!

it's all about raditya dika!

the funniest indonesian novelist. Hahahahahahahahahaha Mutun


pizza.who loves pizza? now, it's in my school..ummm yummy..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fashion again?

at the boring of my learning time. I was drawing this on my book. And i so LOVING FASHION. And i wanna be a Fashion Designer maybe? Or want to be a boutique owner? Actually, i just wanna be an English Lecturer [and boutique owner], but it's so difficult. Just one of one thousand who can reach it. So confused to reach my life ahead. But i'm so liking english!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my friends video

hahahahahahahaha...he's so foolish..but we so liking he..hahahahahaha...cause he's always makes me laugh and the class feels no quiet if he's here..check his video! with the song of himself and the lyric is spontan he foolish..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Piacenza from Sophie

finnaly, i got purple cardigan, yeay!

 with unique sleeve

and double button..

blissful in Jogja

two days in Jogja with my famy. From 11.00 a.m last saturday, until last nite at 00.00 p.m. I went to Parangtritis beach, Dirgantara museum, 'Taman Pintar', and Malioboro 

what i wore at jogja..

my mom's bag [and now it's mine:D aye!]

 zebra balerina shoes

 with my famy..

with my mom

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the nite

with my family eating together..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

write a story at the paper with Dee

and now, i convince that i just on you..i'm on you now, :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

my header. i swear not change it again..hmmm

new label! now is cute ribbon, inspirate from my ribbon which had post below..

before this, i ever used this header, but it's so.. hmmmm -_- bad

Saturday, October 9, 2010

envy or...?

envy or jealous? Should i be jealous? Maybe Dhan has affair with Ri. Why i tell it? And why i guess it? Cause they often make me suspicious. But, i think impossible, Dhan is still wait for his younger class till she is on SHS. Emm. but sometimes i also think that it can be happen. Cause they're secretly, backstreet! Jealous! Jealous! And envious! Envy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

for dhan

i used to hide and watch you from a distance, and a knew you realize

and i knew MAYBE you did it too
cause our eyes often met at the same way...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


and now just be realize...
that i can't with you..
and now you with other person..

During this time, i believe that you just for me. But now, i know if u're not for me. And i'll stop it. Let this feel to go. So pain but i must can forget you because you just for she. I wanna let it go. Although my heart hard for losing you. Goodbye for you, Yan... ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c

can breath so free

can breath so free. Cause i already told to Vi if i still love Dhan. and now, i save this secret story to De, Ti, and Vi only. I'm sorry eleswel, i can't tell it to you all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

about dhan, and our fuckin' elder class. .

"do what you wanna do, don't you feel disappointed cause you lose the opportunity"
regret? Yes. Ahem. Huh. I should say it, but i shy. I should tell my sympathy, but i can't. . I regret
dhan, oh dear. Hope u well soon. Aye! Ahahaha. Unfortunately, i can't hold out just for one love. Ahem. And now i just wanna it flow like a water. Haha. So funny? What you think? -,-
hahahaha. Emh. They're so fuckin! What the hell they were do? So childish and so fuck! Fuck fuck fuck you! Elder class should be and example for their younger. But, [once again] what the hell they're thinkin?
They made dhan injury. They wanna fight with us? Please, they're so childish! Ouh they're so so so not sportisman! And they must go to the hell! Go to the hell! Must go to hell! Shit, they are. So fuckin, what will you think? And this is not just our lucky only. This is our compact! And we win it! The fact, we win it! So, the fuckin elder aren't realize it.
[once again] i unacceptance! ! But we are win it! I unacceptance cause dhan has injured. Dear, what a pity u were. But so thank u, for picked me up. Ahahaha. So comfort. ILU ILU UNYU! !

Monday, October 4, 2010

only one?

it's alright. I enough to hold out for one person only whenever.Whatever, u will loves me or not. I love. Do love you. ILU. I never love him and him again. Enough. I believe. I confivinced that i can. I can together with you again. And even i can't, it's no problem. My love's sincerely. It's hard for me to "i don't love him and him again". But i'm not a playgirl who loves many person. I just wanna loves one person only. Maybe, with you are haven't certainly, but i'll try little by little that i can more chummy with you as formerly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

from the bottoms my heart

gue gak tau ya,,
mungkin yang baca ini pada bilang kalo gue playgirl ya? Meskipun emang si,, gue gak memliki..hmmm.. Gue suka sama lo Dhan, ya..itu karna lo, lo yang emang menurut gue wajah lo wajah gombal. Yea, gue cerita ke Ti kalo gue suka sama lo, gue cerita ke Ti gara gara si Dhy suka sama Wi. Dia bikin gue jeles abis! Tapi, dari smp kelas 8akhir dan sampe sekarang gue sayang sama Yan. Gue sayang sayang sesayang sayangnya sama Yan. Karna dia adalalah my first love.
Sekarang ini gue gak tau, gue bener suka sama siapa, kadang Dhan, kadang Dhy, kadang juga Yan..gue bener gak tau..siapa yang ada di bottoms my heart? Gue bingung. Gue selalu bilang dalem ati, kalo gue akan pertahanin perasaan gue ke Yan, karena gue sayang banget. Tapi kayaknya dia gak respon. Meskipun dia adalah mantan gue. Gue playgirl banget ya? Gue juga gak tau. Tapi lebih tepatnya si bukan playgirl, melainkan sangat mudah jatuh cinta. Huh,, gue emang gak suka sok melancholis gini, tapi gimana lagi?
Tapi, sobat gue, Vi, beberapa hari yang lalu crita ke gue kalo dia suka sama Dhan. Oh please, gue gak mau keulang lagi masalah yang dulu...Vi juga selalu bilang ke gue, "Gue takut yang dulu keulang lagi" dan gue selalu bilang "Nggak kok, gue udah gak suka sama Dhan" itu bodohnya gue! Kenapa gue gak jujur aj? Tapi menurut Ti, gue baru ngomong setelah kalo Dhan suka sama gue. Okelah, gue harus tahan sama ini semua.
Si Fa, tadi tanya ke gue tentang postingan onioning -->"what should we do? jika kita suka sama cowok/cewek dan sobat kita juga suka? tapi kita lebih dulu suka sama cowok/cewek itu dibanding sobat kita, dan sobat kita gak tau kalo kita juga suka..sampe sekarang kita juga gak cerita sama sobat kita itu..what should we do?" gue agak gelagapan juga jawabnya, jangan jangan dia bilang ke pain..

banyak yang bilang pp gue keren haha..

hahahaha ge er gue..

edited from photoscape..

Friday, October 1, 2010

what happy i am in this day..

the first...
our class, x7..won it! we defeated x6..
and hell yeah we won it..

at second..
my scoopy is come!
now i have new motor welcome my scoopy..

yeay.. i like it.cause now i can talk with i.....althought just on facebook..but it's a progress

so simple story but very impression thought..yeay! i love you krick...:) i hope you can feel i never love him and him again..cause if i get you, i'll keep you, i'm just on you..and i always loving you..