Monday, 11 September 2017

REVIEW: Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

Hi! I'm here again trying to post (at least) once a week. I'm a lazy blogger, I know right. However, the tasks have all done, I have a lot of free time now while waiting for the graduation day next month. Finally, I'm gonna graduate, and I'm officially an unemployed right now. Please, somebody give me a job! LOL.
Ok, just ignore that and start to focus on the product. It is another skin care again cause, who doesn't need skin care? Who doesn't like them? Well, I'm also a person who likes to change my skincare. Once I got my product run out, I will change or try another skin care product based on my skin condition. And this product was based on my skin care condition. I used this product on more than a year ago when I got pimples here and there. I'd never had that much pimple (tho it's not that much, only around 4 pimples, for me it's quite much) and I started to desperate. Then, I found this product along with the spot treatment, both from Sebamed.
I heard before I used this product that Sebamed is a great skincare. I agreed. It's really good! Sebamed is a medicinal skin care brand from Germany. The products are all safe, I assume, and give no breakout. I really amaze. LOL. Exaggerate. However, there are many other medicinal skin care brands I know such as Cetaphil, Bioderma, and Avene. CMIIW. If your skin is way too sensitive, try those brand might be the safest way!
I think I blabber too much this time. LOL. Ok, so about the product I'm gonna review this time is Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel, a gel moisturizer. The "Care Gel" variant is specially made for the acne-prone skin. On the package, it says that "free from oil and emulsifiers" which means it's good for your oily skin. As we know, acne might come because of the sebum on your face and if your skin free from oil, the acne won't come out. 

This product comes in a tube with 50 ml. I could empty this product in more than six months if I'm not mistaken. I applied it twice a day from my morning and night skin care routine. For me, this is still quite expensive, but if we see that the product can last up to six months, I guess it's worth it and not that expensive. This product is around IDR190.000. You can find the product at the drugstores, such as Watson or Guardian. This brand is also available at Sociolla, and remember I still have the special code for you if you spend more than IDR 250.000 you can get IDR 50.000 discount. The code is in the picture below. It ships worldwide!

As its name, the texture is a clear gel. If you know me, I like this kind of skin care since my skin used to be so oily on T-zone area (currently, I have a normal skin. I get rarely oily on my T-zone now). I think a gel texture is the best texture of skin care for everyone since it absorbs very easy. Like this Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel, this is fastly absorbed to my skin.
I have to say that I really like this product. My skin became soft and smooth after regularly using this product. It also got my skin clearer as the acne I had before disappear. However, it doesn't do that instantly. I mean, the first days I used this product, I feel like my skin got duller. My skin gets very very easily dull and this product once got me duller. And very oily. I assumed it was an adjustment of the product to my skin. After a month (or so), this product works very great.

+ Gel texture ( I LOVE IT)
+ Makes my skin softer and smoother
+ Makes my skin cleaner
+ Absorbs very fast
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Suitable for oily skin
- Need adjustment to my skin

IDR 190000/ USD 15


Honestly, I wanted to repurchase this product but my skin concern is not about acnes anymore. I have to remove the "pasca-acne" skin which is to remove acne scars. So, I'm focusing on the lightening product which also can help my dull skin. But I surely recommend this product for you if you have problem with acne. It won't be your number one acne treatment product but, it will help your skin get smoother.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

REVIEW: Shiseido Perfect Whip

I'm sure everyone has at least one facial wash in their bathroom. Some of us might sometimes change our face wash following the condition of our skin or what's tending. And me too! Sometimes I just wanted to try some face wash products, and if it works, I'm gonna continue using it. So, here it is. Another review of face wash I've ever used.
As you may notice on my Taiwan haul, I bought some products that I rarely or even couldn't find in my country. A Shiseido line; Senka which everybody likes so much also couldn't be found here. So sad. So, I bought two products of Senka when I was in Taiwan; Perfect Whip and Perfect Watery Oil. I've reviewed the Perfect Watery Oil and it's time to review the Perfect Whip!
Shiseido Perfect Whip is so familiar in Japan (as well as Taiwan). I found many people have this one as their face wash in Taiwan and you might also found some good reviews of this product. This is one of favorite face wash of some people. However, it's not really my favorite. You know why? You'll find it on this review. Psst, it doesn't mean I don't like it.
The Perfect Whip Face Wash has rich foam. You can see every ad they made, they always promote only a tiny little amount of the products, it can produce a rich foam. By the way, I have mine in older version. The commercial below has the new packaging of the Perfect Whip.

Even only pour it with hand, you can get a rich foam. Unlike other usual face wash that sometimes when you take a little amount of the product which is a little less foamy.

Fortunately, to make it less dramatic, below is the original foam of the Perfect Whip. It doesn't as much as the advertisement do, but it is more foamy than a typical face wash.

However, to be honest this doesn't heal your acne if you have one (or more). This is just cleanse your face well, but no more. I guess, it is best for people who have a good skin with less problem. If you have problems of your skin, this face wash doesn't heal everything. It doesn't make my skin breakout (at least in my case).

+ Rich foam
+ Cleanse well
+ Smells good
+ Doesn't break me out
+ Cheap
- Doesn't cure anything


NT 99/IDR 40.000

Have you tried this face wash? If you do, let me know in the comment below. If you haven't, would you mind to try?