Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vintage Bohemian Skirt

Hei pals! I'm back again and now i'm gonna show you my second design of mine xixixi :p Since i've been really busy in this second semester, I didn't get any inspiration comes to my mind. But tonight, because I don't have any assignment for tomorrow (actually I have a lot of assignment for saturday, so that I take this time to be my lounge time :p), then I try to draw again in my CorelDraw, and here's my second design!!!

This time I created something bohemian yet still vintage, because vintage is really me and make my style officially become authentic. Actually, this second design is still simple (and vintage), with the brownie belt and the vintage lace material in the bottom of the skirt. I combine brown with the blue and this skirt is becoming a bohemian all the way.
Actually, I wasn't really expert in Corel (and you know it already) and I was really amazed with my own drawing of belt and that vintage lace. Hahaha. I've looked for a tutorial of using the CorelDraw for drawing a clothes but I didn't find any tutorial yet. I wish that next time I can draw with some gradation of color so that my drawing can be more perky. And keep you finger typing my blog while i'm looking for a new style again ;)


  1. Lucu deeeeh bikin ginian di Corel :D
    bikin paperdoll ajaaa nanti bongkar pasang ama blusnya & roknya ;D

    1. wah asik yah kayaknya jadi inget masa kecil hihi :D


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