Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Current Wishlist

Since girls are knowing so many stores provide so many cute stuffs, then girls are gonna make a really longg list of their wish. Yes, I am. I'm being addicted by buying in some online stores such as bags, wallets, shoes (of course!!), until some kind of not a fashion thing just like book or many else. Why I prefer to do online shopping rather than walking around the mall to find out something? Well, it's because when we don't do online shopping, we must be wasting our time by looking around and then even wouldn't get anything :p haha. When I do shopping online, I only need an internet connection and then just look for anything provided in the website, choose anything what we want to buy, and just transferring the money to the bank.
It's just a simple. By globalization we have changed our mode. There are so many Indonesian product which is created by a creative young Indonesian. I think, by this way we can increase our consciousness about our-really-own product. There are so many good product of Indonesia which has a better quality than some product out of the country. We can just realize about that. Why don't we use it? It also can develop our country ourselves. So go shop online! And here's my wishlist which the product are all 100% Indonesia ;)

(Coppelia, Manikan, Sitha store, Bonjour, Periplus, Wondershoe)

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