Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Time, Oh No Way

Hhhh, just came back to my boarding room again after had several times to hang out with my boarding friends. Oh so sleepy now, and can't accept the fact that tomorrow at 9 a.m i should ready to the TOEFL test in English Class. A tirefull day :s You know what, at the end of this year, i've been spending so much money to buy this this and that, hahaha geez, how the end year is always tempting :3
I went to Coklat cafeshop at Cik Ditiro Street, Number 19, Yogyakarta, after we failed to watch Soekarno :/ in this caffe there're so many yummy food and beverages that can make you wanna come here again :p

I tend to make a vintage outfit like add some flowers, wear a vintage cardigan and shoes, or always looking for a highwaist-vintage skirt with midi style..

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