Saturday, December 28, 2013

Perfectly Matched

Black is always matched with anything we wear. Like what i wore yesterday, i choose dark greem to accompany the black. And who knows? If black, dark green, dark blue and brown are matched? It's totally about how confident we wear it. Everything will be good, as long as you are confident. So, let's enhance our confindence!

 This is what I called perfectly matched. What we wear is what's comfort and suits our body.

Yesterday we were hang out again looking for some fresh meal and our destination was pasta! Yayy, love it. And it is for celebrate Nisa' birthday (on 25 December ago) after we threw some eggs and flour, then give her a birthday cake with a Doraemon Cookies on top. Hahaha..

You know? Actually that Doraemon cookies we bought in a different cake shop hahaha but it's cute, isn't?
Looking for pasta was really such a pleasure. Whereas, we ordered some pasta and beverage that suits in our tongue. Emm i post some (many) photos of yesterday. You must be drooling :p
birthday girl

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