Friday, December 20, 2013

How The Shoes Are Irritating Me

As a girl, shoe is highly needed. Not only become a walk friend, but it's become a part of our style. And recently i was mad of shoes which i found on websites, instagram, in every brands. I would like you to know what kind of shoes that i like. Let me show you my Shoe Wishlist that has been queued:
sources: UP, Wondershoe, Coppelia, HOW Official, Sophie Paris

For sure, i prefer wearing flatshoes instead of Heels or wedges because flatshoes is much better, you know? But it's not recommended when i become a diplomat someday haha (actually i'm not sure if i wanna become diplomat or not). And my kind of shoes is the one which is not sandals also. You can imagine in a situation which suppose you to walk within hours and you are wearing sandals? Oh it is much hurt. So, the most comfortable shoes ever is just a flatshoes. I wish if i can buy all the shoes above (month by month of course :p), i will go for flatshoes first. Actually my current obsession is the boots one. Ankle boots is good to wear to college. Then i also obsessed with Rachel Floral from UP, but i'm not sure, because i have alot of floral blouses, and dresses. That Sophie bow sandal also cute i think, but i don't think if i could wear it at my campus. And yeahh, this is what's inside my wishlist collection of my shoes, so how about you?

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