Friday, December 13, 2013


And well, hellooo!!!! Hahaha it's been so fun here since i really feel that i have so many (new) friends here. Ignore them who doesn't like me. I don't think that i have only them, no more. I enjoy every single thing that spend here. Far from my families and i really miss the right now. But, yaa this is an obligation for me to study here because there my parents are expecting me to be a great person, someday.
Lately i've been enjoying several times went to Jakarta with IPIRELs. It is so much fun! Though in Jakarta, we only stayed for a day without stay overnight at a hotel or somewhere --and it makes us feel so tired you know? It took about 12 hours from Jogja to Jakarta, vice versa-- and the most important thing is....we went to DPR buliding in Senayan anddd visit ASEAN Secretariat to know more about ASEAN. It's a great experience, such a pleasure to become an IPIREL student. It was on 5th December we left Jogja, on 6th we visited those places, and went back again on 7th December.

And yesterday, on 11 Dec '13, we went to our foreign lecturer, Mr. Behrens' house. We had a BBQ, nasikuning, and photos for sure haha. But to reach his house, was not an easy, there was a heavy rain which flushed us, we went ther using motorcycle andd the worse is we didn't bring any coat. So finally we got rainy together, but it's fun! Rather than sit in the car and then just go forward, it doesn't give any challenge, i think.. :p ;)

madu dua -_-
maybe if they both married, the pre-wedding will be this way -_-
w/ Mr. Behrens and Yudha

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