Monday, December 23, 2013


Currently, i have two obsession of different things. And both are tremendously great things. All are my necessity. Hehe. Here:

Because i had been learned it in High School, i choose Germany first rather than French (though i so much loving French). But currently, i like Germany more. Me and my friend are gonna learn this language for a year. And after i it-can-called expert, so i'll move to French. So much planningful? Isn't that? Hehe. Because i realize that i don't have any expertation in any foreign language (except English, which most people can). I've printed the material i have from High School ago.

My High School, was having 3 foreign languages -except English, of course-; Germany, French, and Japanese. And my generation was acquare Germany as our foreign learning, and my juniors were having Japanese. My sister was 2 years younger than me, so she got a French. How i was envy before. Haha. Three years end, and we who learn Germany was getting none, except Ich liebe dich haha. I don't know what caused this failure. The students, the teacher, or both?

2. Samsung Camera NX300!!
Don't be wondering why i am choosing this camera, rather than Nikon, or Canon which is everybody know that those brands are it can called the best brand producing cameras. Buuuuut, you'll never asking again after you see NX300's design:

It is a kind of mirrorless camera which is most people looking for this kind of camera. Mirrorless camera seems like DSLR camera, but it is lighter, thinner, easy to bring -that's what i like-. Everyone said that mirrorless is cheaper, but this NX300 Camera is costly. Priced at IDR 750sK makes me thinking that...ah later i'll buy....

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