Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Life

Weelll, it's been along time, and it's been never canging blog which has no one who visit here. Right, i'm now enjoying my new life, whole new life, whole new activites and behaviours. With only 3x4 meter spaces i live, laugh, breathing, actually.'s my new life. All i do with myself, 24 hours, from get up till go bed again. I have my own responsibilities to take care of myself and to build myself. To sorting whether is good whether is bad. I have my own decision in my daily life. I have no parents here, but should i know that i still obey them there.
And you should know, it is reallly different than my life before. No one control me and it's a big responsibility. I am who decide all things to go, so it can be like this.. emm i'm a teenager who have a youth sinergy and everything is just like free freee free in my eyes. I can do this, i can do that. If i'm not controlling myself, the risk is no one can guarantee, but me. It is me, an 18 years old teenage girl who has a new responsibility in her own life to be a good person, make her parents proud, make better everyone around her, make a good relation, better relation around her, become a person who can changing something, someday when i've learned so many problems here, and...become mature. Can you imagine?
Okay just take a deep breath. Now i'm gonna show you some stuffs in my rent room there, in Yogyakarta. Thisss...

Just enjoy your life, whether is good or bad, be grateful.

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