Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Final-ly, I.P.I.R.E.L. Does It Matter?

Hello, my friends! I hope you're all have a happy feeling right now. Not like me, i'm still "galau" after i got another announcement about a college. Now i'm not unemployed anymore, finally i accepted in a University that i've never imagined before. I never thought that i'm gonna live in this town, i never thought that i'm gonna rent a room to live with my old friend around. I thought about living alone without my old friends with all new life, and new brain. Okay, well. I can't take a breath to write this. Em emm, okay at least, i've got this, this, International Relation! Yippie!
Prolog, i'm from Science student and i've been accepted in private University; Muhammadiyah University in Yogyakarta. It's a good University enough, but every people are always questioned about state and private university. But i think, it all based on ourselves, right? I f we can maintain ourselves to the right way, so everything can happen. The good future is not only in the hand of state university.
If y'all don't know yet. And it's a new experience for me to join this International Relation. I don't have politics base, i don't have anything's proper in International Relation. It's a big brave enough, aha? Right, i'm to brave to choose this. Been stressed. Nearer, i'm more confuse. More unconvinced. Hahh, i think this is the real International Relation, IPIREL. Huh, there're so many great persons that have been rejected from any state Universities, so many English lover who're really really understanding it.
And how about me? As you see, i'm not really clever in English and i have so many writings in "gramatically really uncorrect" right? So here i am, between ready and not ready, i'm joining you IPIREL! I wish that this's gonna be by way, though so many bumpy road in front of you. There's a proverb like this "Always do what you're afraid to do". So here i'm really afraid, you knowww??? Hahhhhzzzzz just wish me always in a good way, and always in His Bless, aamiin yaa robbal 'alamiin.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This is what i do when my corel wants to painted by and my brain was wanting to do something to do an inspiration. I've imagined when i sew itself, i can't wait for take the course so then i can sew itself. Now i'm just wishing my mom has a time to sew me this.

Yay, since i could drawing on my corel (actually it's really really really easy if you creative), i often open up corel to draw something. And today i've drawn this. This's my first design. I think, this blog has potency to patch my next design. I named it a Vintage Tutu Maxi Skirt. Hehe. Isn't the skirt looked vintage? :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Face

It sounds great after i woke up on my tiredness life. People might be failed, but they must be rise.
I just need some fresh thing which can make me feeling no bored, aanndd here i totally change my blog layouts, designs, colors, and the main thing, its name. Well, what are you guys thinking? Aha, this's really fresh and new i think, something that i never done before, change it with a pretty bold color, maroon red. And i really satisfied of this, i made itself, and it makes me glad. LOL. Hehe.

I was change its name because i kinda bored of my name displayed in this blog. I've been looking for a name, and i the inspirations came when i opened up a blog which the name is really simple. I'm not duplicating it but i just tried to make something simple like what that blog's served. And i've design as simple as what i want. It's simple then it can make me visit and visit again my own blog hehe. Sometimes i'm gonna buy a domain for my blog i think, hehe and even posting everything everyday. I got myself done of test (and again) and not for seriously and obsessing again, i've just done because my parents really want. I've just done for them, because i think and it's indeed, it's hard. And u'll see, if i can accepted there, i'm not kinda great, but i'm greatest! Haha, It just imposible to happen :p

Monday, July 8, 2013

Just Woke Up

It's been a long time, since i have graduated. Haha. It has been at about two months i think. Two months begin a long months because some boring activities, boring behaviours, and boring news. Now, i'm not really sure who i am. I mean, my status. Maybe now i can called an unemployed cause i haven't found any University would recieve me. Yes. Been through SNMPTN and been disappointed on last May, exactly after the school graduation. I had get course about 1 more month for preparing the SBMPTN test on June 18-19th. Because i choosed social and i've been educated by science about two years, i thought, i need to took a course. And been waiting the announcement about a month too, and it gets the same result as before. Today, (8 July 13), is the SBMPTN Announcement. So many students are accepted, and much more who isn't accepted, i was including on the second statement :) So much make me down, and many people around me also feel the same like me then i ran here instead of share my sadness to the persons who are feeling sadness too now. I don't know what will happen after this. Maybe i wasn't trying too much, i was just dreaming about it without trying hard. And about wishing to Allah, it just seemed like i never did. I've just done pretty less. And i closed my twitter to keep off their celebrating on earth and make me more to feeling sadness..
You know i'm really missing my SHS, the air. This life is pretty hard until i couldn't know, how's my future? I live for my future, but my past wasn't really build enough. I regret :) I miss my SHS, the classroom, the classmates, schoolmates, the lessons, hmm it has an easy life. And i know i'm not really ready to face the day after this. I just did another way to reach my future, to get at least a University or the same degree.
Maybe, i must do more than i've done and i hope it's maximal. There's only one thing in my mind, it's just about my parents, who beg me and trust me, i just don't wanna make them disappointed. But those had already make them disappointed. Don't let the third challenge fail again. It just for them, not the other persons.
I've been woke up on those two news, and i know now, maybe i choosed wrong. Maybe i should choose the science study program and not too high to choose the study program. But it just happened. Just wish me luck for the next announcement, and the next test i'll have. Remember what the people thought about my choice, some pros and cons. And he's the one that convinced me to choosed right but i didn't really care what he had said. I have really convinced with my own choice. It should be hear by me and why i couldn't choosed the same study program with my dad (which now i choosed that for the other way to join the University)
Everyones surely have their own purpose, and me, too. I hope, what have been wishing by my mom, dad, aunt, and my families become real. They can see me success, i hope it will be, and sure it'll be. I'm wishing and wishing, and praying. Now it's time to change my mind, this's not too late and before it's late, i'll do. Wish me :)