Friday, March 22, 2013

New New New

I've been stressed too's been 24 days left for National Examination. Oh myyy, i've never been preparing so much, never die hard for much time. But i think, this's now how much we spend the time to take the book, but how much we understand the topics. It's a great day, tomorrow is the last day for me and all my friends to do a Final School Examination. Such a difficult matter, yes? If there's a National Examination but our government still held the Final School Examination. Don't everybodies think that it can such a emm beating our brain. What so pity my brain u.u huh. I need refreshiiingg...Do you guys know what's being trouble in me (and the whole high school students in this country)? I know for become a High School student wasn't so hard like being a colleger, right? But when i was a Junior High School, i've ever thought that if i could, i will jump into the college instead of being a Senior High School student first. I don't care everyone's said that the most beautiful time in this life is when we're becoming a Senior High School person. Oh right? Is that right? We'll never know till we pass it. Okay, back to my stressfull mind, accompanied by "Live and Learn" song by the Cardigans. Y'all know that i've been so long never posting in here, and with my new layout and header (it looks fresh isn't it?) i've designed with a vintage sunflowers image. It's not without reason for me to choose this theme between so many themes in my laptop. Because i'm feeling trouble in my mind and (my mood as always) i hope that those sunflowers can bring the lights, like the the sun which always brighten our days. Yepp, based on my "new new new" tittle, it's not only about my new blog's background and header but few weeks agooo, i'm freshing my head to. I'm cutting my haiirrrrr :D And much love for my new hair which is so fresh i think hehehe. Inspired by Claradevi ( but she had cut her hair shorter again u.u) and Kimbra. See this:

 And this is my hair now:

I got a benefit of my shorten hair. It can easier to treated and it can decrease my hairfall. I didn't get any regret after i cut my hair like i've usually just felt when i've had done cut my hair. Everythings that started by conviction, it will not ended by regret.

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  1. It was designed perfectly.I like this style.Really nice! Everything I could want in the leather jackets on, good cutting, nice details, great fit.


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