Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7 Something~

Not so far yet, but this's longer :D Yayyy we've got the 7 months. Yes dont tell me that i'm overrated hehehe. Passing the first target wasn't a great enough i think until this time is real, hehe umm..speechless u.u i don't even couldn't tell it anymore. Since the hardest way until we're being together. You know it might be so difficult to me and him. With a bad beginning and i hope it can be the happy ending story. Seven months wasn't easy to reach too. We've found so many matters that makes us think some unwanted case without considering what would be happened if it really happen. This's my happiness ever, i don't know why, though today he made me abit angry uhm. Well i just made for him the simpe video (a.k.a stop motion) it's really simple with only 14 seconds durations hehe..

Hope he'll fine then we can just really fine :)

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