Friday, February 8, 2013

I DID NOT Restless

It's like punch me to the max when i've got such a different recommendations and arguments. But actually i'm never gonna be influenced by anyone who give me the advices to pick another way that maybe i can get more opportunities than i've choosen. I'm unwavering, in fact. But we need not just that asset. We need more ability nor fortune. Yes. Fortune. Anything might be happened if we have a fortune. Such an X factor, i think. And all we get, we can made that fortune come to us. Be a kind people, that's just one of the ways. Many things we can learn, to make our fortune come.
Started from something we love and we can enjoy it. We can do it wholeheartedly without any problems of adjustment. We can only stirred by it easily. Like we treat our kind boy maybe. That's just an easy. I write again, start from love and then we choose.
I love it though it's so hard. As i told above before. Many people says different and made me confuse. Is that i'm right to choose what will be pillared on my life? I know, i'm too consistent. I didn't through a restless and any hard things to choose what will be my way. I pick this and only this, settled.
To high? I do. But we'd better to try, then we give up before. Trying first. The main thing of it is we live in this earth, what will we do instead of trying? And if we failed, at least we've tried and our question have answered: can i done it?

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