Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is that i am too......?

I'm not too confident to choose what should be the most convenient things in my life, but it's hard to say. That i'm too in love with that thing, i can't pick another. No matter what the other want to do, and what to choose. What the crowd is saying.
I'm not too brave also to choose that way that might be so difficult, they think. It's not that i've said it will be so easier. I'm not. I think, and i afraid. Really. I choose the rare way and might be so hard instead of the easier things around me, that could be so easier also to be choosen. But i don't know, i'm still believing that the fortune will come to my own. I'm not dreaming nor hoping for the things unreachable, perhaaps, you think. But i believe in self, though the bad assumption surround me. Every not possible things whisper in my ear. I convinced myself cause there my friend said that success isn't success if we don't convinced ourselves, success started from ourselves confidence. I stuck on my decision from the past, and now on. I never change for sure. I think i can. I'm not just trying, buuut don't claim me that i'm dauntless. Every persons around me, and every agree and disagreement. Every suggestion and every advices that make me thinking again. Could am i? Could it be mine? And could i be the one of that part which is so far i've dream?
I realized that it's the high-level that would be harder. It's not messing around. Just claim that i'm the ambitious one, just please. Cause i am. Too optimistic? Honestly, i can recieve all the facts that will be happen. No matter, if finally i don't get that one that can be so happy if i could. There're still many way that maybe waiting me to come there, bring some magnificence.

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