Friday, December 28, 2012

Indeed, I'm Indeed......hate!

Hey pals! After i had so much long time didn't posting, and i seldom, and only shared a giveaway info before. Now i don't really sure to really come back to this truly maya world, blog. Hmm so much stories missed, i think 'fun stories' which lose their chance to be written here.
Forgoting this blog, and had so much fun to tweeting and attracting on instagram, sincerelly i miss to share anything hereeeee! This's my holiday, a happy enough holiday, with an always-ordinary rapor i got and maybe i got so much to learn from it. And i think i don't need a high scores if i don't really could do that. I'm proud enough though. Hmm, anything. But life doesn't needed a score to won nor succeed. I can, don't care another says can't.
Rather than another who seems act like aaaa umm, copycatting or following. The kind of attitude that i hate so much. They sucha had no idea on their mind, regardless of me usually do or not. But i hate that attitude means i hate to do it too, right?
Copycat means they just duplicate what another did, they didn't create something new. They just did what have been there in front of their eyes. I hate persons being same like their hobbies, personalities, styles, and favorites. Seems they don't have enough creativity on their brain. Anyone that act copycatting another seems they don't have strong attitude of mind. Everyone says that they're who copycatting is not convident. Same like just ctrl+c, then only ctrl+v. It's easyyyy x.x hey didn't you thinking that you can please make your own! Just thinking what another thinking, just playing what another playing, and don't have a consistency. Same as a followers, they just follow the trend, don't have a thew on themselves. Or they always have the things up to date. It's just same as a mode victim i think. I hate anyone, don't care they're my friends, enemies. Hmm, maybe they just have an copycatting and following disease. Many words for them all, just freak, fake, pathetic, they aren't creative! #prayforcopycat

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