Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Day-Birth Part II

Boring boring boring timeeeeee.............My school let us went home very early. I confuse wanna go where after that, then finally we (me, septi, and barly) ngejajan pisang ijo :D Too much early then we stay at Taman Kota I'm at home, open and turn my laptop on....As usual, connect it to the internet, and blogging, and tweeting and bla bla bla bla..emmm. Actually this day is really really a boring! Moreover, I remember my problem..Uh uh actually I don't really really emmm really what? Uh, it's my problem. Yeeeee -__- Someone being used, and the guy come :) Ahhh but those problems are soooo complicated. Everybody barely know I was his *****. Hahhh I don't know. All just I know was, I lost 2 of my friends..The communication was lose,greeting was lose, teasing was lose....And I now hate. He immensely make I hate, and my friends too..hmmmm I don't know. Too much people know the gossip..I don't be fear cause I'm not wrong deh pokoknya -,- The most important now, no one can disturb my feeling to that guy lah..Still boring -__- I wanna watch a film..I decided since I went home..Eh, this is my brownies birthday..see....and giveaways from my eleswel :)


  1. happy birthday :)
    wah, cakenya kayaknya enak sekali :*


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