Saturday, February 25, 2012


From 17 February until 21 Februay 2012 we are; SMANSABARA student Grade XI had a trip to go to BALI :)

It's the first chance for me to go to Bali :) Bali is beautiful! They keep their culture from the yore so that Bali have many foreign tourists. They have a different culture, emmm so unique. Indonesia must be proud with Bali. They can grant many devisa from the tourists coming. What so pityyy, I couldn't talk a bit with the tourists there :( But it's amazing, my friend, who really love Korea and its sneak peek could talk with Korean person there. Talk a bit with Korean Language, and what so amazed? The tourists ask my friend's phone number and her address. Woooo she surely never forgot that her experince at Bali.
Bali is the one of our destiny to refresh our brain while school ya, surelyy.....But there're some some emm remorse about the tourist object and the hand pieces. Goes to one object to another object very rush. Kaya cuman numpang pipis. Kayaknya ini manajemen waktunya kurang bagus deh -_- I think, probably because of some students had late to get into the bus, and at the hotel, they also late-eat. And me, was the one of them -_- Before we going to had a journey to Bali, I be bound to waited my mom to bring my headset which was left behind -__-
One day we arrived, we visited the tourist object which had no water, alias kering dan bukan pantai hahaha. And night we newly arrived to the Hotel and took a rest. It soooooo tired. From Banjarnegara, 17 Feb, arrived to Bali 18Feb morning and immediately went to the tourist object till night and we had no rest before. We just rested at the bus. My leg was sooo weary. The days two was the beach timeeee! It shoud be a sunset time at the Kuta, but by the time which was so annoy, we went to Kutha at about 12 p.m kalo gak salah. We can conclude that our tour in this grade was failed. At the Kutha we just a while, then we toward to many another beach -_-
Day three, it's time to go back to Banjarnegara, we packed our sneak peek and put into bus-baggage. It's hard, uhhhh :'( haha And the last night in the Hotel, me and my roommate were sharing about ourselves stories from a past. We sleep at 1 a.m and when woke up our eyes were baggy like this --> u.u
When we'd went Banjarnegara, actually....we missed our moment before that day. Though the time-management setting its tourist object less under good but it's unforgettable. It can be a story while we reunion later while we had graduated ;) Emm we miss all :*

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