Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Is He Doing Right Now?

Sometimes I feel like we are very very close, but sometimes it can be the opposite. Why? We don't have a routine communication and its communicate just by phone and never meet up. Meet up just word only and not being real yet. Umm..then we are not yet but I have many many complain about the time that should be free. It's never been the free time on. Just awhile, sometimes, seldom, or long reply. I must be patient :) Really really make me confuse. Sometimes it's immenselly close and kinda often far. What is in my mind, just asking asking and asking. How? Why When? I don't know how we're now, why we could be like this, and when it'll be done? It'll done and we are happy. No more yoke in the heart and no more question whenwhenwhen howhowhow whywhywhy. We'll be relieve. Everybody know? It's no matter. Anyone have jealous? It's their problem. And we can enjoy our. Then we can feeling a beautiful and peaceful of heart. Hmm..but I don't know why it can be real. Actually, it should have been done! But I denied just because I don't wanna he said indirect. Cause I wanna tell many things. For our. I made him wait but when the time comes there isn't thing. I made him do remember. But also nothing. It was my fault. That's a fault. Not occured yet but I've made a fault. The badly beginning...........................................

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