Monday, December 19, 2011

Was a Holiday for My Dad

This day wasss.... not ordinary and not special. Something unpredictable come again and it haunted in my mind as always. Hmm, I thought there was something about me about judgement, but then I know isn't it. It's about a badly gossip about him. And I don't know I should believe or not. Yea, while..forget. This day, I was shopping but found just one thing there. I need money, not a stuffs so I and my sister ask to dad to give us a money. Heheheheh...I bought phasmina and this's my first phasmina :)

It was my dad's turn today. Went to this departement store, then asked to another departement. Umm..satisfied, but I don't bought anything there cause I didn't found miracle there (eciyee-?????????-) I didn't found what I need and what I want. It just my dad's area, he bought bag, clothes clothes and so many things, hmm. I found a vintage clothes but it have short sleeve -_____- and I found eiffel miniature too, I don't have anymoney then my dad didn't wanna buy it for me, so I didn't got it :3 *galau

I felt enjoy with the style today:
had took at the to-i-let -_-"
see, what inside my bag. was full of purple stuffs: mukena, parfume, and wallet

 my mom's clothes and bag (now, mine), sophie martin belt, unbranded veil shoes and tight

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