Thursday, December 8, 2011


You can learn of your memories and you not be able to regret it. Even the future is not on your side. You're not allowed to judge someone and comment he/she badly. You not be able to angry with someone who have become your future you want. You can't be envy, cause you're not the owner anymore. You must be strong though the fact isn't you need. Probably you can look out the other side. A very much beautiful things which actually wont you do. Maybe your heart still closed for the things you must enter. You just don't wanna try! Please try and don't disturb anyone or maybe some. People you bullied is really uncomfort and assumed you, you're the person who can't admit the reality. Please don't be overt. You just show your problem that everybody can guess easily what you feel. You seems weak. Become a hypocrite for awhile is better than you show your envious

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