Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's not easy, to make us as usual. It's rather hard (you know). But. How must you did it all? Will you find another me? Or you'll back to her? Damn. WHAT THE HELL. Now, guess what a people will say badly about me like I was stalk to you. As I don't have attitute or anything else. It just shitttttttt. Said said that you love mee, said that you miss me said said said that you'd pick me up, come to my house. BULLSHITTT. What's the meaning of BREAK?? Or BREAK UP lah I don't know what you meant. What you feel (whaaaattt???) I don't understand. Said what's your condition now (and I don't understand, cause you didn't tell clearly). Unexpectedly you leave me with all my expectation. Then I'm hurt again now, this day. You said that it'll better than we continue then will more hurt. Huh. God, make me become strong now.........I must be prepared with all the possibility tomorrow will be. All  the bad talking, all the judgement, and his ex's happiness. All the fans joyment. And all. Said beibiii, and else and now is NOTHING. That's what make me drawn now. UNEXPLAINED. Suddenlyyyyyy. That was disgraced. And this's the badly ending

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