Thursday, December 1, 2011


Don't you know? We're now a mature . Not just age but also our thoughts. Don't we ever shy when we like a child? Childish and not proper with our age. Definitely we ever. But ever we try to change? We are still young indeed. Very much temptation obstruct. Hanging out, dating, and much till the 'crazy' thing certainly we've ever try. Spending the time and wasting. With all of youth desire like you just live for one day again then die till you don't remember what your obligation is. Hey? It's our time to go ahead! Thinking our future and try to catch. Not just having fun and wasting a time. Start from now, we must determine our future. Youth is not just for 'spree' but we also try to catch what our future is. Not just planning but preparing what we need for the plan ahead. About our future and our life after. Just keep fighting and reach your future!

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