Monday, December 5, 2011

Finished school test have done. But, remedial tests is waiting :3 hwhwhwhw. Looking around my school and make me really bored, then I'm going home. Guess what I found in my house. Still like a dumb. Lazyyy....Something wonderfull happened yesterday....
Umm..what's that? Haha I just relieve a fatigue of the test semester a week ago with Anisa. Kinda make my money decrease. Whereas those moneys for my school about two weeks and holiday for two weeks too. I hope I'm not spend it too much. Yesterday was, took a little shopping, kongkow and drinking, took photos in a new chow center in this town, and playing webcam.

Ukaay, haha. I feel my heart is really really relief now, especially for yesterday. Who knows that I can move before? And I never believe that I can! I never believe i'm not feeling hurted for someone there enjoy his relation. Who knows that I can find another before someone out of there decided to being relation. Whoo knowwss? Who knows I got someone there's friend? Who knows I can love him again from the past when I was JHS. Now, will be no more someone out of there, annoying my mind. Sometimes i'm afraid to build the new relation with other. I'm afraid for losing someone again, hurt, and disappointed. That was, i rather getting traum. Hmm...because of  the very deeply hurt at a past. I don't wanna feel it anymore. I should keep this better for getting all better too..

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