Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday, Ooh Yesterday..

Yesterday was fasting to greeting the Ied Adha. I was bored yesterday afternoon then i hanged out with anisa, took a photos at photobox and went to Bella's house at Semarang Kidul borrowed some magazine for article on my class's blog.
I wore my dad's white shirt again which now is mine (y) with bluesky jeans and grey hijab. I added the accessories too, such as necklace, belt, and bracelet. Perfect for taking pictures! Then Nisa wore same, she wore her son's bluewhite shirt, white hijab and jeans, also wrist watch and doraemon necklace.
what i wore
what nisa wore

Let's gooooo.. we headed the photobox store. And this's the result:
this one imensely cute, isn't?

Well, yesterday is yesterday and today we (all off Moslem) celebrate the Ied Adha. The day where all the Moslem in this world slaughters pet animal such as cows, sheep, and goat. Moslem's feast day, and togetherness. HAPPY IED ADHA pals!

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