Monday, November 7, 2011

The Rain and The Match

"I miss the way the rain sweetly splashed us together with our giggle that created the moment of sweetness and made the warm and cold being one"

The picture taken by me in front of my class, XI A 7. It's a roof of the Mushola in my school. Beautiful, isn't? Yaa..with sparkles above the roof. I waited for the rain with my classmate, Wan, Nila, Alip, Bela, Ganda, Jojo, Ibnu, more..Waited so long and the rain didn't stop. Hmmm. whereas that day was the last match for our class determine the third winner of the Liga Osis. But it was canceled cause of the rain which heavy more and more. Definitely the match will held at next Thursday and i can't watch and support them. I'll go to Surabaya for my cousin's mariage. Then, hmm..i just hope we'll be the third winner and don't give up my friends! Keep fighting and keep spirit! All important than all, keep smiling :)

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