Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keep Calm and Love Your Hijab

Good day fellow Muslims! I love that trendy style-of-quote like a lot. I found one in Islamic kinda version I got from peace within heart on Tumblr.
I love my hijab, I've been wearing it since a year ago when I started my Senior High School life. I wish I become Istiqamah. Aamiin. Recently, there are many Muslim women realize and started wearing hijab. In my country, Indonesia, where the majority is Muslim (around 80% and the largest in the world), there are still many Muslim women who haven't been wearing hijab yet (I pray for them to encourage themselves started wearing hijab). However, today is better than the years back. My mom told me, there were so little amount of Muslim women who were wearing Hijab. If I'm not mistaken, the government had prohibited Muslim women of wearing Hijab for some institution, especially school. I don't know much about it, but that's what I've heard. But now, there are many people (Muslim women) start wearing hijab, including me :p In my school, for instance, there are probably more than 50% girls who are wearing hijab. The school also has designed a uniform which suits people to wear hijab: long sleeves + long skirt. So, whenever you realize it's the time to wear hijab, you don't need to worry to buy another uniform. You can just wear the hijab with the uniform.
A few of Indonesian actress also started wearing their hijab recently. How happy! Now people can wear hijab without being prohibited or get annoyed. I wish that Muslim also realize, it's not only hijab that matters, but our attitude as well. I'm also not perfect, but I know that we have to do good things as well. Wearing the hijab and edify ourselves. Isn't that sounds good?
Anyway, keep calm and love your hijab!

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