Wednesday, October 19, 2011

D.E.U.T.S.C.H what does it make you dizzy?

I made this picture and showed it to my friends when my teacher was explained then they're laugh
What does she said? It like something weird which talked with us. What language? Planet where? She should explain the basic not the things that've on the top of the basic. What is warum? "Ist Deutsch sehr 'spaneng'?" (It means=Is Deutsch soo difficult?) The teacher said like that. Certainly we (as a students) said "Jaaaaaaaa" (it means=yes). Huh. And in fact, i must studying much about at least about three foreign language cause i'll continue my study at International Relation (HI) while i can't studying Deutsch well. The problem is on the teacher, I think. She couldn't explained well as the students wants. Better when my friends, Lia, who explaned. Lia could teach us better and we able to more understand. What should we do? Is my friend must tell and tell and explain and then replace the teacher and then she become the changer? It'll better, but it's not appropiate with the curiculum. STUDENTS CAN'T BE A TEACHER at the teaching-learning activity. So, how the way to make it on the right line? Then Vida, my friend, won't said like this again: "Latian basa isyarat yuk? :(" How's the waayyy??

My friend, Uut, made a little scratch:
When we can open up our eyes for Deutsch? We always closes our eyes when the Deutsch come. Then English which have been learned for some years, we also remedial anyway. So, what about the Deutsch?!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All i know (maybe all WE know) it just Ich liece dich, noch, doch ja, nein, guten morgen, kaput, ich, du, lampe, haus, zĪ‹mbiespiele. Just a little :3
But Lia said, we must motivate ourselves then we can understand because Deutsch is not exact. I'll try myself to interest with this Lesson. I try, for myself too and my future certainly. Because HI must adept with at least three language, then English, i not so adept yet. I'll try myself to interest with the language lesson, especially foreign:)

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