Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday waaas, yaa not bad. Tired enough, and i don't find any money on my wallet anymore :3 It's okay, this is for my bestfriends, anything :) This day should being a Halal Bi Halal for us, should be a special day. But there're some rush between them, so they can't hanged out with us ate stick at KW. We just sixes. And at the last, we just 4 people only, same. Hmm.

After we ate at KW, we, just four, (arsy nisa rara and me) desire to photo box at "Myut Myut" but it was closed and walked away used our motorcycle and went to 'Dieng' for karaoke. And you know, huh. we shouldn't go there. The karaoke was queued and we don't wanna wait. But i found many pooh stuffs here :* i love it! And i bought couple of pooh necklace. The one of it was combine with a pendant from him :) hehe
That is the pooh and the pendant from him
another pooh necklace
psssst, it is bag from the shop :D pooohhh

From the shop we went to Alun-alun. It's okay, the peak object when we confuse going everywere. Hmm. But alright, here we can do anything such as take photos hehe. Anisa bought bubble and spill it self. ckkckck

And then we can't blow the bubble, we just sat, took photos, talking about around, without bubble. Yaaaah. haha

natural pose, iwww i like it soo. cool. but they don't like their photo, ckckck

The stuffs:

the capture of what i wore at alizers meeting

here is the grey hijab and 'ciput' for black
grey polka bolero
white tank
mom's bag

nisa's and tiara's bracelet hehe
bluesky jeans
zebra flat shoes

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