Monday, September 5, 2011

Mubarak Report

Happy Mubarak for all Moslems in this world. Mubarak of this year, i think.. so quiet. Yaa.. not too exciting. I have bad unforgettable experience. I was ended fasting at August 29th 2011 but goverment end that at August 30th 2011. After ‘Solat Ied’ i’ve looking around my grandpa’s village and took photos with my cousin, Putri. We found beautiful view here :D Yaaa. There’s bridge. Like i just took photo at the famous place, like umm, just as visit a tourist area. And at the a place like a forest, a way to go to cemetery, hoho. Those was a beautifuuul.

So Beautiful, isn’t it?
I also get crazier with two of my cousins from Jakarta, dek Meka and dek Yudha hahahaha we’re so crazy. Dek Yudha more often took photos for me and dek Meka, so he get just several photo for himown :D peace ya dek wkwk

Days 2, this is the real Mubarak, most of people in Indonesia take this day and follow the government to ‘Solat Ied’ at this day; August 29th.It’s the time to shaking hand, apologize, and eating :D the menus: ketupat, soto, meat, kering kentang. Upss sorry, i don’t remember to taking photo for those food :( And at the evening, there’s something horrible when we (me and dek Meka) go to hanged out around the town. We just eat meatball, sat in the ‘alun-alun’ and back home. At the road, we want some snake to eat before get home. We tried to search a burger at Etnik, but Etnik was closed and then we just back to the home road. Here is where we had a bad to remember experienced ~but unforgettable~. Dek Meka just lost her purse by 2 thiefs at the Aries, Sokanandi. I don’t know, i think 2 boys who overtaked by us at the Parakancanggah was just a boy who hanging out without helmet. When they overtaked at the leftside, and they came near to our motor, one of them just took her purse which put on front baggage. Huh :( we just stressed. Because inside the purse there’re so many important card; ATM, ‘SIM’, ‘KTP’, JAMSOSTEK, and ticket for go back to Jakarta :( Finally, the police give loss information document, so she can manage up the ‘lost things’.
Huhhh ckckck, it’s unforgettable, eh umm, i have one information that should be report. You know The Pikas? I think not, yeas no matter hehe. The location is not far from my grandpa’s home. It just about one a half kilometers. But, i hear some voices of bands who performed at The Pikas and i hear the sound of his band when they played their song. At the first i just guess, and i hear deeply, more deeply, uhm, i’m not wrong it was their song :) i was happy to hear his band though just from far distance. I really happy..

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