Friday, July 29, 2011

I still hoping you but not too much :)

So far so sick. I've been through this so hard. Without you i'm happy, but there's something lacking in my life. So, can you go back? As soon as possible? I think i need you whenever. I'm gonna be weak if i'm not with you. It means, now i'm always weak. I don't care what are you thinking about me now. I know you think a bad for me. Don't mind. It doesn't decrease my feeling about you. Yes, probably you thinking that i'm a 'Queen of Drama' that always thinking like that ( i think you know without i'm telling here). I do. Loving. You. It so sick when we met and you just steal a glance to me and then you walk away. I never thought that we'll as bad like this. But i'm always thinking, someday you'll back. Somewhen. I don't know. I'll wait you till you need me again. I'll be patient to wait you. Cause i just wanna be your best. I'll give all my best for you. What you need, what you want, i'll do my best. I'm so sorry. I realized it. I never care, when i was with you. But i was always trying to caught you when you're gone, and i was trying to care. Too late. I did it late. I know u'll never believe again when i promise i'll be there and i'll be care. But whatever you do to me, i don't care and i don't know :)

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