Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learn from the thing that have been happened in my life

Where's the begin, there's the end. People says it's too hard but it could be through. There's no more way besides separating. If we convince, it'll be better than before.  Nobodies can through this if they'll never try to through this though it's so much hard. We must believe, this is not the end of our happiness. Probably now the happiness will come, we jus don't know. If we wait it come, don't too much expect, cause we'll never know it'll come again or no. But we can keeping this in our deepest heart till whenever we want.
People ever trying to caught the things which so much wanted. However the way, they try it no matter it's wrong or right and what's the impact. People sometimes don't know, the problem that happened makes them being mature. Don't ever regret all the wrong things that we've ever did cause people are learn from experience. If we never wrong, we'll never know what's the meaning of truth.

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