Wednesday, April 20, 2011

we get same problem

finally, we met vina who never gather with me :D yayyy we went to vina's home. Almost complete, ten persons, but one can't come, Nisa,  because she should go to hospital for register the tonsillectomy.

ehm, actually, i and nisa have same problem. They (boys) said brake up to us. him him him, it's all about him. Huh. him, he makes us thinking that we said wrong. WE SAID WRONG! actually, we just said that we wanna say. We wanna say what is disturbing in our mind, we just kinda uncomfort with this, just it and never wanna be break, or BREAK UP! we just wanna be better to trough this relation. hmmm till this time, i just don't know what is the reason of him said that he wanna own, leave me, make me hurt. maybe i was wrong, but he never tell that i'm wrong. that's his fault. but he's not completely wrong, i also wrong :) and i regret. oke, and i know, regret always comes later. i still hope he come back to me :) huh, no matter. let just thinking the other side! in this life, we're not just thinking about love. so i don't wanna sad anymore. i wanna wake up. not forget it all, but just let it flow, there are many important things than it. keep breathing!!!

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